kingsman-secret-service-posterKingsman: The Secret Service was hailed as one of the hot releases of this year and after watching its trailer I couldn’t understand why because it seemed pretty ordinary. However sitting through this film for two hours, I finally understood that it may not be the most sound and plotty film of the year, it may not make much sense and it may not be high on quality and performance but Kingsman: The Secret Service is surely one of the most outrageously entertaining and snappy films of the year. Based on the comic book series created by Mark Miller and Dave Gibbons, Kingsman: The Secret Service is an exhilarating ride from start to finish. For all those who are aware of the fast and snazzy British action films made popular by films like Hot Fuzz, The World’s End etc, this is home turf but the range Matthew Vaughn brings to it takes the film to a whole new level.

The story unfolds in two separate tracks which mingle by the time we reach the end of the film. The first track involves a talented but disillusioned kingsmanstreet kid Gary “Eggsy” Unwin (Taron Egerton) who is finding a tough time keeping up with his step father and bullying brothers. He is arrested for stealing his step brother’s car and it is at this juncture that he makes a call to that number written on a medal that he wears. The Kingsman answers and he meets Harry Hart (Colin Firth) for the first time. Harry offers to recruit him for the clandestine unit and helps him get an entry into the Kingsman. He is doing it to honor Eggsy’s dead father’s debt that he holds high as he was the man who saved the day for Hart a long time ago.

Kingsman7On the other hand, a billionaire techie Richmond Valentine (Samuel L. Jackson) is out to serve humanity with the help of his assistant Gazelle (Sofia Boutella), a seductress with swords for legs by solving the most dreaded problem for humanity which he believes is “Global Warming”. The way out of it as he sees is making millions murder each other and bringing the population down. The Kingsman quickly find out about his plans and set Hart after the man. As Eggsy clears a long and arduous training, Hart inches closer to exposing Valentine unleashing a flurry of action set pieces which are not only eye pleasing but highly engaging.

The film starts off with a smashing set piece which goes on to introduce us to the Kingsman and the events which associated Eggsy to The Kingsman.KSS_JB_D27_02661.CR2 It also goes on to introduce the villain in the most unexpected of manners. We are also introduced to the deadly Gazelle in these sequences and also her astounding power with the swords for legs that she has. All this happens within the first ten minutes and then we quickly roll to the recruitment of Eggsy and Hart moving against Valentine simultaneously giving no breather what so ever. As the story quickly moves from one plot point to another, the actions keep flowing in thick and fast with some well done situational comedy leaving you totally satisfied.

movies-kingsman-the-secret-service-02The film’s action even though happens at brisk bursts is almost present in equal amounts in the first and second half. The final bursts of combats were merely three Kingsmen take down the whole Valentine empire is one to be seen to be believed. The fast hand to hand combats involving a lot of gun fights both with bullets and with just guns is sensational to watch. There is a sequence where a church full of people kills of each other in a fit of rage manipulated by Valentine. This is a sequence which is bound to leave you dumbstruck. Watch the way Colin Firth moves through the sequence. The climax involving Eggsy, Merlin (Mark Strong) and Lancelot (Sophie Cookson) is another edge of the seat affair. The film boasts of superb cinematography and editing. Both these elements result in accentuating the effects of not only the action sequences but the strength of it can be felt throughout the lesser sequences as well.

Kingsman: The Secret Service is a Spy-Thriller in the lines of James Bond but it has a quirky sense of humor and doesn’t mind getting its seminal 4377472-6309262357-taron.characters killed. That infuses a sense of loss and shock which further makes the film relateable but at the same time it never gets too heavy dwelling on the lines of the dark and gritty Spy-Thrillers reminiscent of the Bourne series. This film is all entertainment and no realism from start to finish. If you are willing to shun your logic off for 2 hours and enjoy in a visually spectacular action adventure involving men dressed in Tux, this is the film for you. This film will entertain you from start to finish and may even make you come back for a second viewing. I thoroughly enjoyed this fare and chances are you will too.



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