khamoshiyan-movie-poster-3Khamoshiyan is just so stupid that the viewer is bound to laugh at even the most menacing of horror scenes. Take for instance the scene where Jaidev (Gurmeet Choudhary), the nefarious business tycoon who lures the innocent Meera (Sapna Pabbi) into his “Christian Grey” like fantasies, is shown sacrificing under the moonlit sky and bathing in the blood of the creature that he sacrifices. Guess what he sacrifices??? A chicken!!! You read that right. A chicken that too which is cooing from the moment the cover from its cage is lifted leading to some hilarious moments. Now hilarity is not something that you expect in a horror film unless it stars KRK right? Therein lies the primary problem of Khamoshiyan.

The film narrates the story of a writer, Kabir (Ali Fazal) who is distraught at not being a success story and losing his kha2dec12girlfriend to another man. He decides to write a story that will change the way the world looks at him. In search of seclusion he ends up in the hotel of Meera where she lives with her crippled husband. As Kabir walks into the hotel, Meera looks and acts in a manner as though she would just pull off his clothes and start making out straight away but we have to wait for some more time for that to happen. Getting back to the story, Meera is hiding something sinister within her and her silence is something Kabir decides to break. Aided by another good spirit, he sets out to unlock her secret and free her from whatever it is that is holding her inside the confines of the hotel.

ali-fazal-in-khamoshiyan-movie-4Khamoshiyan had somewhat of an interesting story but the hilarious events and poor acting making it a laughable affair. Clearly the writing is one which is to blame here. The seriousness is taken away from the story because of some of the unbelievable and funny situations that pop in. The spirit starts making its presence felt right from the beginning which also is a dampener. The story builds up pretending to offer something radical and out of the ordinary but with every scene it becomes more and more clear that we are in for another inane trip into the cinematic hell of predictability. The way, Meera gets involved with Kabir is one for the record books. There is absolutely no feel for Kabir to be such madly in love with her within such a short span of time that to when he had doubts about her existence in the first place. Once the believability factor is hit, the film sinks like the Titanic without any safety boats in sight.

The acting is bad. Ali Fazal looks the apart but everytime he opens his mouth and tries to emote, he falters. There is practically no chemistry betweenkhamoshiyan him and Sapna Pabbi which is the second weakest link of the film. The primary weakness being Gurmeet Choudhury’s antagonist Jaidev. He is laughable in his amateurish act. Sapna Pabbi neither looks alluring nor scared enough for her part. She is kept hanging somewhere between a seductress and a la Bipasha Basu of Raaz. Coupled with some stone age visual effects which makes Creature 3D appear as “The Lord Of the Rings”, Khamoshiyan brings in everything from wolf to zombies to CGI butterflies towards the end to spice it up but unfortunately the film just doesn’t take off. The biggest fear however comes your way when you Khamoshiyan-movie-wallpapersfeel that a “half lion, half snake” creature could come to life. The digital rendering to be of the creature sends shivers down your spine but thankfully that doesn’t happen.

Overall, Khamoshiyan is one adventure which is best avoided. The obvious reasons for that have already been accounted for in this review. If you still venture into this film, do so at your own risk but remember that you had been warned.


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