FURIOUS 7(2015) [3D]


The grandest and the most explosive Fast and Furious film is here. If you were undone by the previous installment which was somewhat underwhelming, this one is bound to blow you away. Tagging together almost all the previous Fast and Furious films and introducing a new and dreaded villain who is aided by a host of other villains who make short and breezy appearances whenever there is a need, Furious 7 takes you on a whirlwind adventure which will leave you panting for more. The film has nonstop action and even though the plot is almost non-existent, the screenplay is kept interesting tagging in some interesting new angles and twists and turns making the action more fun to watch and the swagger of the characters a tad bit more worthwhile.

The film starts off from exactly where the previous installment had left off. Deckard Shaw (Jason Statham) is Owen’s big brother and seeing hisNEqn20qMhjbpsy_1_b brother in dire state after a brush with Toretto and gang, he swears revenge. He comes good with Hobbs (The Rock) and hospitalizes him for good. He attacks Dominic’s (Vin Diesel) family too before running into him but thankfully they survive except Han, whom we know from the last installment is dead. On Hobbs’ pretext Mr. Nobody (Kurt Russell) sends Dominic and his crew after a hacker who has invented an object that can be used to track anyone anywhere. The deal is for him to get the hacker and the device and then Mr. Nobody lets him use it to track Deckard and have his revenge.

Fast_Furious_7_38180Once the basic plot is set, the action takes center stage. The film almost has constant action. There are car chases, gun battles, cars blowing up, cars jumping out of planes, cars jumping out of buildings, cars jumping on top of each other, etc etc etc. But thankfully the action is done with such panache that most of it will appear believable to you till the time the screening is not complete. Once the screening is complete, it wouldn’t matter anymore. This isn’t the kind of movie that you bring home with you. It is the epitome of guilty pleasure that you watch and leave back at the theaters. Having said that that, the action and the swagger of the characters are made up in such a manner that even the most inane of viewers couldn’t help themselves but revel in its glory. The soundtrack is a great help in this regard as it constantly elevates the mood and feel of the film.

Watching it in a packed single screen theater in a late night show, I couldn’t help but notice an electric atmosphere busing in the glory of not only the action but also the characters who have over the years found a place for themselves in the hearts and minds of the casual movie goers. The introduction of each of the characters is met with almost deafening uproar which then doesn’t subside easily. Statham received the most thunderous roar, but unfortunately, his character is given limited screen time which is the lone blunder of this film. He walks into every situation, but he walks in precariously late which feels like a pinch. Why would you have a show stealer like him and not use him to the optimum? That’s one question which is left unanswered.

Tony Jaa and Rhonda Rousey are intelligently used to make a decent impact. Jaa has a meaty role which is noticeable. Rousey is present in one scene Fast and Furious 7 from the set diesel and rouseyalone but lights up the screen not only with her moves but her oomph! quotient. The rest of the cast do exactly what they did in the previous films and do it well. Diesel hasn’t lost his charm, even after 7 films and continues to impress with is suave demeanor and deadpan humor. The Rock has nothing much to do this time. Gibson is funny.

tonyThe film constantly provides a pretty picture. I just loved the bits shot in Abu Dhabi. The back drop of the desert makes from a stunning palate on which they pain the screen red flinging a limited edition from one building to another and from there to another. The visuals effects are superb. I was particularly impressed by the manner in which they were able to fill in the voids left off by Paul Walker mixing up the body double and CGI to recreate him in flesh and blood.

The finale will leave many teary eyed as we all know what the words by the team means. Even though uttered in different context in the film, we know that they are meant as homage to Paul who will never be in our midst ever again. His last ride proves easily to be the best of the Furious franchise till date. The film is everything that a Fast and Furious fan could ask for and in addition to that, ends up impressing even the most hardened action fans by its stunning actions and visuals. Don’t look for logic or sense in its narrative. Just enjoy it for what it is…which is entertainment, entertainment, entertainment.



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