Before one goes into Ek Paheli Leela, its important that we ask ourselves what is it exactly that we are looking for? This question alone would spare you the unnecessary torture that you may have to face if you don’t get the reasons right. I mean come on guys! This is a Sunny Leone starer. You are obviously not expecting some serious screenplay based on material and acting from the actors are you? This is merely a vessel to transpose you to a world where Sunny Leone is the most beautiful and curvy that a women can get and where she is the only one to desire and die for. She is an obsession and she is a dream. A world which is devoid of reason and logic and more than often calls “lust” “love”.

Before I express my opinions about the film let’s take a quick look at whatever little story that there is. Sunny Leone is Meera, Sunny-leone-pink-bikinia supermodel working out of Milan and dancing to the tunes of “Desi Look” in the least possible clothes to rise not only eyebrows but a lot more. She also has periodic fits of sudden anxiety and fear which she attributes to the Air Crash that she survived wherein her parents and everyone else except an air hostess died. She is petrified at traveling in flights and is literally conned into traveling to India for an assignment in Rajasthan. After the initial overacting about the travel, she warms up to the place and people and the team starts shooting. It is here that she meets Prince Ranveer (Mohit Ahlawat). The two fall in love and get married. All seems sunny in Meera’s life until Karan walks into her life.

jay-bhanushali-in-ek-paheli-leela-movie-1-mainKaran (Jay Bhanushali) is Meera’s best friend and photographer’s brother who has been having visions of his past life. He sees a “purohit” who shows him a portion of his life involving a seductress Leela (Sunny Leone). Shravan (Rajneesh Duggal) as Karan sees himself and Leela are madly in love with each other. The village sculptor Bhairav (Rahul Dev) sees Leela and lusts for her calling her his true inspiration and shows his interest in making an idol of her. Shravan convinces her to sit through the process and then disaster strikes. The two tracks of Meera and Karan run into one another at this point as all the major characters from their 300 year old past is reborn in different avatars except Sunny who is born exactly the way she was 300 years ago. The question that the film dwells on is who is who?

The film has a lot of skin show from Sunny Leone if that’s what you are after. But the problem remains with the fact that none 2182_5506e0fce1637of the intimate scenes makes the slightest bit of impact on you. The one in the desert between Sunny and Rajneesh is plain out funny with the lovers pouring sand on each other for god knows what reason. The viewers can even catch a glimpse of Daniel Webber playing Rajneesh’s double in the scenes as it might seem that one of the two actors felt uncomfortable about the essay. The “suhag raat” scene with Mohit Ahlawat is another bore. However the Indian Dulhan waiting for her husband clad only in her inner wear is a novel concept contrary to the heavily Sari clad Dulhans that we are used to. Here the man doesn’t lift the “Gunghat” but unhooks the bra. Having said that Sunny does look alluring in both her avatars up till the point she keeps her mouth shut. The Rajasthani accept is a “LOL” catalyst. If that was not enough, you also have to deal with the cringe worthy double meaning dialogs in the film.

387175860-leela_6The less is spoken about the performances, the better. Sunny leads the lot with her hilarious drunk act and even more outrageous Rajasthani accent. Giving her tough competition is Mohit Ahlawat who keeps a constant constipated look and acts lesser than a log. Rahul Dev is unintentionally funny and Jay Bhanushali is still in his Hate Story 2 mode. Jas Arora is the only one who extracts a few genuine laugh or two. The only saving grace for the film is its beautiful cinematography and Sunny’s skin show. The music is hummable too.

The film could have been a decent watch if only the actors acted and the story could have been a little more subtle and believable but Sunny’s curvatures are left to take care of those gaping holes. Overall in terms of cinematic senses, the film is a disaster but for the fans of Sunny Leone it could be a watchable affair.


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