RahasyaRahasya is a film by Manish Gupta, the man who brought us The Stoneman Murders. As was the case with The Stoneman Murders, the film narrates a hitherto unexplained real life mystery seen through the eyes of a cop who by the time the curtain falls is able to bring the perpetrator to the light. No matter how much the film team denies, the story has an uncanny resemblance to the Aarushi Talwar murder case which was the fodder that fueled a media frenzy for a very long time. Here the writer shapes up the story in a manner similar to the actual murder case and then takes cinematic and creative liberties to take the narrative in a different direction. At-least that’s what the film wants us to believe. However in doing so it still is able to serve a potpourri of surprises and interesting turn of events which will easily hold your attention for the most part of the film.

Ayesha Mahajan (Baby Sakshi Sem), the daughter of two doctors is found dead in her room inrahasya-movie-review-bollywood-news her own house. The mother is out of town and the father who had drunk a bit too much the other night doesn’t remember a thing about what happened. The police investigates the matter and finds enough evidences which points a finger to the girl’s father. Sachin Mahajan (Ashish Vidyarthi) is arrested on charges of murder. In desperation his wife Aarti (Tisca Chopra) turns to the women’s union who get the CBI involved in the case to look into any details that the local police might have ignored.

rahasya2Sunil Paraskar (Kay Kay Menon) walks into the case and immediately starts finding loopholes in the investigation. As he digs deeper and deeper into the case he unravels a mystery involving questionable relationships, vengenceful feelings and above all passions running high. He is attacked and is met with disdain from varied sources including his own wife who feels that he should start taking bribes if he is to ensure and maintain an atleast average existence for himself and his family but Paraskar has his own way with the situations.

The film provides the viewers with a delicious mystery which has many aspects to it. A word further in this regard will spoil rahasya-images-1the fun for anyone who hasn’t watched and plans to watch the film in the future. So I will keep the storytelling to a minimum and will stick with my praise for not only the intricate web of events that the director so thoughtfully conjures up but also the extremely effective performances that he is able to extract from an ensemble cast of characters. Kay Kay Menon leads from the front with his cop act which is as real as it can get. He keeps his histrionics to a bare minimum and concentrates more on the character that he is playing.

rahasya-stillsAshish Vidyarthi as the disillusioned father of the murdered girl who is implicated for the crime is top notch. His character is multifaceted and has to change gears from time to time which he achieves with surgical precision. Tisca Chopra gets an interesting role to work with and she does complete justice to it. I really enjoyed the essay of Nimai Bali as a cop who takes the murder very lightly and goes about doing the investigation in an equally light hearted tone. Ashwini Khalsekar also essays an important part which I will leave up for you all to see. She shuns her usual over the top essays and adapts to the nature of the role keeping her flamboyant style in check thus resulting in a believable show.

Overall, Rahasya is a well made thriller which sustains the thrills right till the end. That is something which you don’t get to see with too many of the Bollywood thrillers and so it deserves its share of praise for the obvious reasons. Watch Rahasya for its content and powerful performances. Going by the nature and reach of its content, it can very well deserve a second watch if the first doesn’t let you sink in all its content.


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