GABBAR is back(2015)

Gabbar-is-Back-Full-Movie-DownloadGabbar is loud, Gabbar is preachy, Gabbar is redundant, Gabbar gives you a feeling of been there and seen it before but still Gabbar leaves you satisfied and with a smile on your lips. That is probably because it comes at a time when corruption and torture of the powerful over the masses is at an alarming high and even though we the masses cannot do anything about it for now, Gabbar provides the much need wish fulfillment on screen which really makes you enjoy your time at the theater. Here is a hero who remains elusive throughout the film nabbing high ranking officials and corrupt businessmen and sending them straight back to hell. Yes! Gabbar kills and he kills in style. He is more in the line of “The Punisher”, a comic book hero who is known to kill of the perpetrators.

The film starts off with Gabbar kidnapping 10 corrupt district officials and killing one of them.Kareena-Kapoor-9 He hangs his body on the crossroads with the proof of his corruption tied to his neck along with a CD which introduces the world to “Gabbar”. He promises further actions and keeps delivering the blows as and when he pleases with the police unable to do anything other than sitting tight in their offices and enjoying their timely dosage of Samosas and Chutney. A constable however is able to find some clues in Gabbar’s actions but he is silenced by his superiors. Gabbar is actually a college professor going by the name Aditya (Akshay Kumar).

kumarDuring a visit to the Patil Hospital, Aditya realizes the gross discrepancies going on in the hospital in matters of false billing to patients and their subsequent subjugation in the name of treatment. He hatches a plan to expose the hospital by bringing in an already patient who the hospital pretends to treat for the moolah. He exposes the whole matter to the media resulting in the death of the Owner’s son in the hands of an angry mob. The dude was the son of the corrupt businessman, Patil played by Suman Talwar, who incidentally also has a history with Aditya. Patil now starts searching for Aditya while the government deputes the CBI to crack the case of Gabbar and the smart constable finally get a say to bring forth his research on Gabbar. What happens next is the question to ask.

Gabbar is back is laced with references and dialogs of the iconic villain Gabbar Singh from Sholay. However the director 1jxoverdoes that bit to the extent that after a while it seems repetitive and sometimes ridiculous. Logic goes for a toss as is customary with the massy crowd pleasers of today and no matter how much beautiful Shruti Hassan looks, she is really really irritating in the film. The rest of the characters don’t have much to do in the presence of Gabbar who takes center stage from the first scene and keeps it that way till the end. The only character that makes a whisker of an impact is Sunil Grover as the constable who is hot on the heels of Gabbar. Finally coming out of the veil of his much popular character Gutthi from the small screen, Sunil makes for a believable and interesting character in the film who comes to his own by the end of the film.

suman-tlaw-1Irrespective of all the shortfalls of the film mentioned above it serves as guilty pleasure if you are able to shun the logic and laughable proceedings at many junctures for the pleasure that it gives by letting you see corrupt officials and sleazy businessmen beaten to pulp and not being able to retaliate just like the common is subjected to from time to time. Akshay Kumar proves once again that he is one of the most bankable stars as he singlehandedly steers the film with is class act. Playing a professor by the day and vigilante in disguise, he hits all the right notes. His every dialog is met with thunderous roars from the audiences. At least that’s something which we can expect at the single screens which also happens to be the target audience for the film.

Overall, there isn’t anything new to expect from Gabbar. It is a typical Bollywood masala fair in the line of Rowdy Rathore, Shivaji: The Boss etc and if you have a penchant for such film, you will enjoy this one. The others steer clear.


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