kkk1It was sufficed to call this farce simply “Locha” because that’s what it exactly is, a gigantic boring and insufferable torture. The film irritates you to the extent that you lose track and interest even in the curvatures of Sunny Leone and Evelyn Sharma. Now it takes talent to create such an atrocity that would take your interest off what you had gone into it for in the first place but Kuch Kuch Locha Hai is able to pull that feet off in ravishing style. Unlike “Ek Paheli Leela” which released just about a couple of weeks back and had atleast something to offer, Kuch Kuch Locha Hai has absolutely nothing to offer in terms of content let alone entertainment.

The story if you could call it so, revolves around PP (Ram Kapoor), a guy who is frustrated with his wife and life and seeks Ram-Sunnycomfort in the “Baby Doll” cds featuring a scantily clad Shanaya (Sunny Leone). Shanaya is a Bollywood star who comes over to PP’s land as a prize in a contest which PP wins miraculously. Following her date with PP, she offers to come over and stay at his place in preparation for a role in an upcoming movie. PP obliges. His idea off course is to do naughty things to her or with her but many songs and dances later, he comes up as empty as ever from the whole Locha.

kklh6The film starts boring you right from the ontset wherein the dependable Ram Kapoor takes you through his life and his altercations with his wife and son. These sequences which last almost the whole of the first half will bore you to death and put you in a slumber from which not even Sunny Leone’s well toned body can wake you. Evelyn Sharma tries to do the Sunny act in the first half wherein Sunny is almost missing. She tries her best to keep you interested but the sequences she appears in are again limited and far apart. The gap in between is filled up by an excess dosage of Ram Kapoor. Not that I don’t like Ram Kapoor but the kind of performance he gives here, I will have to rethink my likeness for him.

Scene after scene the film hams at your nerves with its cringe worthy dialog and plain stupid screenplay. 333695554-KKLH_6There is practically no feel for the characters neither is there any sense in their existence. Sunny Leone makes her entry in the scene of things from the second half after a song and a sequence in the first half. Her presence just starts getting interesting when again the audience is shoved a dose of Ram Kapoor and then finally you give up hope. There is plenty of cleavage on show in the second half but somehow the film’s stupidity gets the better of that gimmick and you are left bored and disgruntled. The music of the film is not bad but it doesn’t matter either.

Sunny-Leone-Hot-Still-from-Kuch-Kuch-Locha-HaiOverall, the collections of the film clearly shows that Sunny Leone’s oomph is not enough to carry a film without the basic characteristic of a film. She is stunning and alluring but a terrible actress. Once we are over her charm, the cracks start to show which also hits a film pretty bad. That however is not the complain here because the film in itself is atrocious and Sunny couldn’t have done anything to save it. She however could have saved herself from this film which she unfortunately didn’t do and now she has to sit back and take it the way her film gives it out to the hapless audience. Miss this film at any cost if you want to save yourself from a lot of torture.


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