jurassic-world-own-raptors-posterJurassic Park which was released in 1993 was a visionary masterpiece. It was unlike anything that anyone had ever seen. It was such a big hit primarily for the reason that they got the science right and made the dinosaurs appear so real that the viewers actually believed in them. What if I told you that 20 years later with revolutionary change in technology, some interesting new developments in the field of dinosaur research and with Steven Spielberg involved in the project as an executive producer, somehow Colin Trevorrow managed to make a film which neither excites nor thrills with its story and visual. How would it sound? Close to impossible right? But that’s exactly what has happened. As I sat through this two hour long film, I couldn’t find a single scene which made me stand up and take notice. Now thats not what we go into a Jurassic film for.

The story starts 22 years after the events of the first film. The Isla Nublar now features a fully functional Jurassic World Jurassic-World-Trailer-Still-13-700x350which houses over 20,000 visitors. The dinos have however lost their panache and to keep up the interest of the visitors, the scientists make it a point to cook up new dinosaurs from time to time which provides added attractions for the viewers. In one such effort, the scientists create a super smart dinosaur, the Indominus Rex that goes on a killing spree freeing other creatures on its way to completely annihilating the park as well as killing anyone or anything in its path. The humans find themselves clueless in front of the power of their own creation until a brilliant Velociraptor expert and trainer leads a team of trained raptors against the monster. What happens next forms the crux of the narrative.

Mercedes-JW3The film begins with Claire Dearing, the park’s operation manager played by Bryce Dallas Howard talking about the size and sheer scale of the dinosaur that they have created but interestingly enough, throughout the film, the viewer never for once feels the size and magnitude of the dinosaur. The predator though vicious is never anything more than what we have seen before. Some scenes are well done here and there but they never attain a level that the classic reached. The raptors which are trained by Owen (Chris Pratt) keep behaving like teenagers who are unsure of everything. They start off by tracking the Indominus Rex for the humans but after a few growls here and there, they switch sides with the Indominus Rex. But that is only until Owen waves his hands at them and they switch back sides to fight the I. Rex within 10 minutes.

The Dinos are something which we cannot accept behaving like good kids. The finale which features the old T-Rex locking horns with the I. Rex doesrs_1024x759-140613064643-1024.NICK-ROBINSON-TY-SIMPKINS-Jurassic-World-JR-61314 extract a few serious cheers and claps but to me it was one gigantic cliché. The film makes absolutely no sense. There are sequences after sequences which are nothing but upgrades from what we have seen before. Creatures come and disappear with practically no rhyme or reason and they are left that way. The action sequences have no novelty and constantly give you a feeling of déjà vu which is a disaster for a film like this. The CGI is decent and probably the only saving grace of the film. The many action sequences though repetitive will absorb you momentarily.

rs_560x358-141125094229-1024-4jurassic-world-trailer.ls.112514While the 1993 version was laced with human drama and characters that appealed to our heart, here is a film which doesn’t even make an effort to make us feel for the characters. I still remember the scene from the first installment where we are scared to death for the two kids trapped inside the car when the T-Rex makes its first appearance. Here you will feel confident and comfortable about the fact that no one will be in danger. There something about the way in which the film progresses which tells you that no one important will come in harm’s way. This is another huge let down for a film which needed to instill fear in its viewers to make a mark.

Chris Pratt sleepwalks through his essay. He looks good and confident in the action sequences and that’s about it. There is nothing more that he has to vincent_donofrio_jurassic_worlddo or he is supposed to do. Bryce Dallas Howard is beautiful and even in the inappropriately dressed misadventure she oozes with confidence and looks alluring. She is the one in the cast who makes her presence felt. Irrfan Khan is wasted and so is Vincent D’Onofrio. Overall, Jurassic world is strictly a onetime watch and for all those who are not a big fan of the franchise, this film can surely be missed. I have been waiting for this one for a long time and I have been thoroughly disappointed. This was supposed to be the biggest summer blockbuster but it fizzles out like a deflated football.


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