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Mission: Impossible Rogue Nation is exactly what we expect from a Mission Impossible film. It has glamour, it has action, it has a plot that’s worth paying heed to and more than anything it has wonderful performances from the entire cast led from the front by Tom Cruise. Cruise who is 53 years old now never for an instance feels older than a 30 year old and interestingly enough pulls off most of his own stunts and in terrific style. While the film rides along at a whirlwind speed with IMF facing their greatest threat till date from the organization known only as the “Syndicate”, the plot remains easy to follow letting the viewer enjoy the action.

The film starts off with Ethan Hunt (Tom Cruise) pulling off the most death defying stunt of the movie when he extracts a package from a plane after hanging out of the plane for a duration as it is taking off. It is the famous sequence from the trailer that everybody is talking about. Carrying forward, the IMF is disbanded by the government, vesting all the powers in the hands of the CIA for salvaging what they can out of whatever is left of the organization. Hunt is on the run as he is chased by the CIA and also the Syndicate. He tries to collect evidence about the Syndicate so as to prove its existence and clear his name as well as that of his organization but the adversary proves to be difficult to track.

Hunt soon finds aid in his old pal Benji (Simon Pegg) who risks it all to aid Him. He is also constantly aided by Ilsa (Rebecca Ferguson) in tight situations. Ilsa was previously working with MI6 but now is an integral part of the Syndicate. Her loyalty is unknown and keeps shifting as Hunt jumps from one frying pan onto the other looking to nail the Syndicate. Solomon Lane (Sean Harris), a la Ernst Stavro Blofeld character is at the helm of the Syndicate who would stop at nothing to get his hands on the dirty money that is lying secured in a facility in Morocco and Hunt needs to have control of the funds if he is to expose the Syndicate. Thus begins a deadly cat and mouse game through the picturesque locales of Morocco, Vienna and England which would test Hunt to his limits.

The film gets the basics right. It is ceaselessly entertaining and there isn’t a single dull moment throughout the film. What is more appreciable is the fact that entertainment doesn’t come at the cost of making a mess of the plot. There is plenty of humor but it is very subtle and even though some of the moments (particularly ones involving Benji are laugh out loud), they never take your attention away from the grave situation that the characters are in. Take for instance the scene where Hunt has to hold his breath for 3 minutes under water to perform a hack. Benji almost instantly speaks up for him claiming that it was nothing for him. This scene is funny because of Benji’s confidence in Ethan’s ability and Ethan’s bizarre reactions.

The action sequences are outstanding and we expect nothing else from a MI film. It is hardly a surprise that there are plenty of action sequences and each and every one of them works. Rebecca Ferguson is noteworthy as the eye candy piece of the action. She moves well in the sequences and compliments Cruise move for move. What catches you attention more are the outfits in which she pulls off the moves. Cruise is terrific in the action sequences. The death defying plane sequence sets the tone for the rest of the sequences to follow. I loved the chase sequence towards the end which will easily go down as one of the most electrifying chase sequences ever to have graced the silver screen.

As is the case with all Cruise films, MI5 is a complete “Tom Cruise show” where a few others have some important roles. He is present in almost every sequence of the film and adds not only a dash and style but also character to the whole plot. He is believable and effective in a role which he has made his own. Sean Harris is not scary enough. This is where my only complaint with the film lies. Unlike MI3 which happens to be my favorite MI film untill this one, MI5 lacks a solid baddie and the exhilarating tension that J.J Abrams was able to extract. Here the hero is never really threatened and Hunt goes about his task rather coolly and everything falls according to plan without him breaking a sweat. This may apply to many as they might not like to see their hero bleed but for me was a downer. I kind of liked the edge of the seat thrills of the third installment where Hunt is rendered vulnerable and is almost a “David” in front of the “Goliath” that Philip Seymour Hoffman’s Davian is.

Having said that, MI5 still works well in every department and more than makes up for what it lacks. A solid entertainer which you wouldn’t mind watching twice. Go for it and you will not be disappointed.

Rating : 4/5 (4 out of 5 Stars)


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