Bond is back and he is looking for his nemesis Spectre no. 1 Blofeld. After some quick cuts which show him going after men and women alike looking for Blofeld, Bond arrives at the layer of the fox. Blofeld has taken to creating body doubles of his and Bond successfully unmasks his plan and like he always does, puts an end to the bad guys. Days later, he is called upon by MI6 to investigate anomalies at a diamond corporation, the owner of which has been time and again robbed and suspects that something more sinister than financial gain may be afoot. Bond begins his investigation and meets the beautiful and intelligent Tiffany Case who might know more about the missing diamonds then she appears to. Soon Bond travels to Las Vegas and finds himself in the middle of an extremely large conspiracy to hold the world at gun point for ransom using satellite weaponry by a corporation run by a millionaire Willard Whyte.

While many sight this film to be tacky and weak, I found the film which gave Connery an officially farewell as Bond to be rather entertaining. The film moves quickly and there is a lot happening. tiffany_caseThe start is electric with Bond very quickly getting into action to nail Blofeld and when he puts him in his grave we feel a tad bit sad to know that his arch enemy is dead. However the director, by this illusion is simply working us up and what follows is another hour of whirlwind chase and investigation which finally culminates in us knowing that the nefarious Willard Whyte is none other than Blofeld himself.

diamonds-are--forever2Once the realization is made, the rest of the film is about how Bond brings down the guy in his trademark uber cool style. In the meantime he spends some quality time and nights with the two femme fatal Tiffany Case and Plenty ‘O’ Tool. While Tiffany keeps popping up all throughout the film at critical junctures aiding and sometimes unknowingly outwitting Bond, Plenty has a shortish role which is cut short when she is murdered by men sent by Blofeld mistaking her to be Tiffany. The film also has a dash of comedy woven into the narrative here and there which does work well in certain situations. The one that I liked the most was towards the end, when Tiffany mistakenly changes a device thinking she was aiding Bond when she was actually spoiling his hard work.

The film has its share of action. While Connery definitely seems to be aging and that has definitely slowed him down, the action set pieces still does work. I loved the chase sequence in the moon diamonds-are-forever2machine with the antagonists on bikes and car gunning for Bond’s head. The climax also provides a pretty picture. Two characters apart from the principal cast who makes their presences felt are Putter Smith and Bruce Glover as the two henchmen for Blofeld known as Mr. Kidd and Mr. Wint. They also outlive their master and have a final crack at Bond towards the end. Jill St. John wears the bare minimum and has your eyes fixed on her assets as she pounces her way through the screenplay. She is the perfect foil for Connery who works up a nice chemistry with her. Lana Wood has a shortish role as Plenty but makes her mark. Charles Gray as Blofeld is the only downer. I felt that Donald Pleasence did a great job with the character even though You Only Live Twice was an average film.

PlentyOTooleSean Connery’s Last film as the official Bond serves him well HE plays a low key Bond, much in keeping with this self and persona but he has not lost his charm one bit. He does come to his own more often than not and never for once does his act feel forced. He even holds his own during the action sequences. Diamonds Are Forever is the 6th Bond film that he has starred in and if I had my way I would make him continue but then again Roger Moore and the gadgets had to take the series someplace else and poor old Connery had to make way for him.

Diamonds Are Forever is a decent enough Bond flick with all the necessary masala and magic that makes the series so endearing. Led from the front by the man who was by far the best Bond ever, the film is as much a tribute to the man as it is entertaining. It is alight hearted investigative-action film which can be enjoyed for the simple fact that the hero wins big time and leaves you with a good taste in the mouth. If you are looking for that sort of a film, watch Diamonds Are Forever. Chances are you will be hooked.



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