Let’s accept it guys and gals! The Transporter series was never anything great. It was a trilogy of movies which had its mediocrity covered by some spectacular action and a sensational leading man. So what happens when you take away that leading man and mellow down the action? You have a dud in your hands and that’s exactly what the latest installment of Transporter is. This film is so insipid and plain boring that even the most ardent effort to make appear beautiful and polished on the part of the technical team falls flat on its face. You cannot compensate for lack of action and acting in an action film with flawless technicality and visual finesse.

Frank Martin(Ed Skrein) is a transporter who has plausible deniability for any and every package that he transports. He is contacted by Anna (Loan Chabanol) who wants him to transport her and two other girls from a bank to a specific location. To ensure 100 % cooperation they kidnap Frank’s father too who happens to be some sort of a spy. Once they reach their destination after an unnecessary chase, the girls’ further bully Frank into undertaking a series of tasks which is more than just transporting. Wonder of wonders, even his father plays his part in the girls’ elaborate plans which appears to be to bring down a syndicate which deals in human trafficking.

04_HeyUGuys_TransporterRefueled-585-770x470The film is such utter nonsense that you will be forced to hate it. Let’s start with the leading man. Jason Statham was an actor foremost who gradually beefed up to be an action superstar but he gathered his likability from his strong screen presence and his deadpan humor worked because he knew how to carry it through. Ed Skrein cannot act. He is so fake and pretentious in the role of Frank that Statham may as well disown the character from his filmography. The biggest downer is the brief emotional scene that he shares with Anna. I could laugh out loud in that sequence. He can’t even match Statham in the action sequences. He may be a beefy fellow but doesn’t have the moves that made Statham the man for the occasion.

The action sequences are heavily edited and you know for sure that they have no character to them. I have seen some of the best chase sequences that Hollywood ever came up with and I can very easily sieve through pretentious gimmick sold for high octane action. That’s exactly the case with this film. Sans one scene where Frank drives through an airport, none of the action set pieces extract a wow effect. The climax is probably one of the lamest finales that I have come across in the recent times and takes the film down in ways I didn’t knew existed.

Could this film work? With Jason Statham on board and some much needed gusto added to the action…Maybe! But then again that’s a very doubtful maybe. The story is just too stupid and the screenplay too lame to even justify the action sequences. Take for instance the first chase sequence which happens just because Frank doesn’t take his window down and speak with a police officer who asks him to roll down his windows. Totally unnecessary! Anna sleeps with Frank for no reason and shares her sob story which is at best laughable. The baddies keep getting their asses kicked without ever putting up a fight. The list is long.

The Transporter should not have been refueled in the first place. However if they did decide to reboot the series they should have at least put some heart into making the film work. For starter have a story. Invest in getting a deserving leading man. You get the point right? Avoid this one and save your valuable money and time.


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