15-hero-posterCinema is a great leveler sometimes. It doesn’t matter even if you are taking a piggyback ride on the shoulders of the prolific Salman Khan who just can’t go wrong these days. Whatever he rolls out in the name of cinema strikes gold. But not this time. Hero is a heartless, soulless and mindless film which falters from the word go. Only if Nikhil Advani, who made the terrific Delhi Safari and D- Day, could stick with the original story and treatment, this film could have been at least watchable. But he tries to infuse his own sensibility in the film and in doing so he turns Hero into something which neither makes sense not is the least bit interesting.

Imagine a love story where the girl falls in love with the guy for no rhyme or reason. That there is the killer blow to any love story. Love happens without reason butcute-athiya-shetty-pics-from-hero-movie-10313 there has to be a proper buildup. The couple dance at a pub, then on the orders of his gang-lord godfather Sooraj (Sooraj Pancholi) kidnaps Radha (Athiya Shetty) who takes him to be a cop. Few days later she sees him improperly punching a punching bag, bare body in a climate where he might have taken off that shirt only to show her his cuts . A few scenes later she falls in love with him and inquires about whether the man has any girlfriend or not. Some scenes later she runs with him in a bike as her brother tries to rescue her from her oppressor. They escape instead and Sooraj is seriously injured.

389379-adtya-pancholiaSome more scenes later, he regains his consciousness and right at that point she is proposing to him. The bond is forged. The girl knows about the man’s true intent when she finally gets to talk to her family. But the dumb girl still loves the man who then crosses all stupidity and literally bludgeons in with his beau in the middle of a court and surrenders. The man who sent him in to kidnap the girl so that he could twist her father into submission as he holds vital evidence against him that can implicate him in a case, is left shouting “Sooraj Chal! …Chal!” So much for father-son trust. If you think that’s the end of stupidity than you guys are sorely mistaken as its just interval.

Post interval the film gets stupider. The girl’s brother cooks up an imaginary story of a handsome dude in Paris so that he could send his sister off to Paris to rue in her plight and sing a song complementing the breathtaking backdrop of Paris only for that man to literally come to life later and become the principal baddie of the film. Yes you read it right. The Indian audience can take in all lot in the name of masala entertainment but that is true only when the man in the helm is a SRK, a Salman or a Hritik. Sooraj Pancholi is none of them. He is exactly what he says he is in the film. He knows to work out and flex those muscles and he knows how to do “Dadagiri”. Other than that he is pathetic. He carries the same expression throughout the film. He looks out of place in the romantic sequences and is hardly convincing in the action sequences.

Athiya Shetty is equally vain. She doesn’t look the part. She doesn’t act the part and above all she would not have made the cut if she wasn’t Suniel Shetty’s daughter. Timanshu Dhulia is terribly maxresdefaultwasted in a role that could have been done by any Sam. He is a fine actor but here he has nothing to do. Aditya Pancholi has a screen presence which clearly mellows down his already overshadowed son to the extent that he finds his only firm footing in the part where he gets to hug him. The rest of the cast is better left not discussed.

682fe3be-cdcc-4e2d-b539-fb612c59a4d5mediumresHero is plot heavy and its plot heavy in the worst possible way. That being that the plot is convoluted for no reason and lacks logic and heart. After a long time I have seen a love story where the love is totally missing. There is practically no chemistry between the pair. In fact it’s foolish of me to expect chemistry as the couple can hardly act. There are limited action scenes and the best of them all is already there in the trailer. The film could have really done well with some more actions but that’s not the case. Even the last bit appearance of Sallu in the “Main Hoon Hero Tera” song comes in when the end credits are rolling and it hardly does any good as the film has bored you to death by then.

If you are to take my advice, stay away from this film. It should have come in with a statutory warning making people aware of the risks that it possess to our delicate sensibilities and health thanks to its screenplay, performances and treatment. Save yourself from this torture.


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