Sesh Anka is a somewhat lukewarm and yet strangely entertaining affair. Sans the unnecessary dramatics which we have all grown up from, it remains on tracks for the duration of its runtime and never fails to entertain you. The film starts off with the arrest of Raina (Parno Mittra), the demented daughter of a business tycoon whose philandering has forced his wife to commit suicide. Raina is accused of being an escort and to have murdered a man who might have been her customer. Her arrest makes her father disown her and she is left to die in the jail. In walks Amrita (June Malia), the mother of her close friend Payel who now takes it upon herself to save the girl. She talks Pronoy Dasgupta (Dipankar Dey), a seasoned criminal lawyer with some ties to Raina’s mother into taking up her case. And so begins Pronoy’s hunt for the man or women who masterminded the whole plot and framed Raina for the murder.

The film has an interesting story to tell and it does so effectively. The performances by the ensemble cast is up to the markSHESH-ANKO-PARNO-AND-DIPANKAR-DEY1-1140x760 and sans some unnecessary dramatics that I have mentioned before, they remain faithful to their characters. Dipankar Dey leads from the front. He is not only believable as the suave lawyer who is willing to do what it takes to save the girl but also highly entertaining. His dialog delivery and mannerism will keep you engrossed in his act which going by the film’s nature is a superb achievement. Mir plays an interesting character who works as a catalyst to many a discovery in the narrative as we move through the film. His detective John is not only likeable but also highly interesting. Debolina Dutta plays a suave and sultry fixer Minakshi. She is evil but alluring nevertheless. Samadarshi Dutta as ACP Prithwiraj Sen is passable.

48004395.cmsThe film provides an interesting picture as it’s not particularly easy to decipher the culprit. That is the hallmark of a good thriller. The story moves at a brisk pace and develops quickly leaving little room for any boredom. The film is beautifully mounted and the director makes sufficient usage of handheld camera shots to provide it with the necessary realism. But the sound engineering leaves a few halos in the narrative. Take for instance the court room scenes. In a scene where the public prosecutor abuses Raina with an untoward question, suddenly we can hear the voices of many creeping up in the background at a high pitch which renders the whole scene very shallow. A backtrack shot of the room reveals that there are hardly that many souls in the room. The volume of the conversations is also very loud which shouldn’t be the case if it’s a background noise.

The cinematography remains consistent throughout but the editing in certain scenes could have been better. The film’s 15background score is good while the dialogs, no matter how much dramatic in many scenes, still works. This is another film which is reminiscent of the new found style and swagger that the Bengali film industry has been brimming in. Just like some other thriller like Ebar Shabor, Baishe Srabon etc, Sesh Anka tries to be stylish and dramatic by keeping itself as close to realism as it can and yet looking pretty and contemporary. The interesting story and the performances holds it in good stead as it makes its way through its breezy runtime. The film could have been better served if some of the theatrics could have been cut down. What I am refereeing to is the court room session and the person playing the public prosecutor. Even Samadarshi Dutta and Debolina go overboard in a few sequences.

Having said that, Sesh Anka is still a very watchable thriller. Don’t expect it to be at par with films like Ebar Shabor, Baishe Srabon etc but it will surely amuse you. Tathagata Banerjee has managed to dish out a juicy thriller which is not only light on the mind but also good to look at.


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