Kis-Kisko-Pyaar-KaruKapil Sharma gets it right. Kis Kisko Pyaar Karoon is aimed at his “Comedy Nights with Kapil” audience and it does plenty to make them laugh. There is practically no point getting into the finer aspects of film-making or for that matter simple logic or believability. This film is designed to tickle your funny bones with its hilarious antics and setups and that’s exactly what it does. After a rather slow start the film jumps into top gear halfway through the first half and never lets off the steam. Shiv Ram Kishan, played by Kapil is a man who has been forcefully married to not one, not two but three girls. Each under bizarre circumstances, which is bound to make you laugh.

He also has a girlfriend whom he really loves and wants to spend the rest of his life with. He keeps his three wives on three different floors of a building and hiskapil-sharma-480 friend Karan played wonderfully by Varun Sharma on the topmost floor. The idea is for him to negate with any untoward situation that may pop up in their day to day lives. As the story progresses, the three wives constantly keep getting into situations which threatens SRK’s status quo. There are other elements which willfully contribute to his already lackluster life, the primary of them being his to be father in law who is as doubtful of him as he is protective of his daughter. SRK also has to content with one of his wife’s brother, who also happens to be a marauding and deaf don. The situations keep getting worse and culminate in a climax which is just as mindless as the rest of the film.

Sai Lokur In Kis Kisko Pyaar KaroonAfter an arduous day which involved almost everything that can put a man down and dent his spirit, I was laughing my guts out at the mindless and insane humor that was thrown at the audience in this film. Isn’t that what Kapil Sharma symbolizes in the first place. I never went into this film expecting anything else and I was satisfied with what I got. It is a two hour Kapil show which primarily can be divided into five major comic acts. The three marriages, the shopping mall incident, the birthday celebration, the arrival of the parents and the climatic wedding. Each of these acts involves everything that we love about Kapil and his performances. The writing is fresh and even though there are certain similarities between this and a film from the yester years called “No Entry”, the gags and situations remain interesting.

Kapil turns in an adorable performance. Some critics sighted that he is no Govinda. I agree fully. He is not. He has a style of his own and he does well kiskiskopyaarkaroonreview759to keep a check on his histrionics from the comedy night’s performances. Here he is much more subtle and is never loud which further enhances his act. Aiding him is a superb supporting cast led by Varun Sharma. Varun as Kapil’s friend extracts many a laugh on his own and is constantly good. His impeccable comic timing can be noticed in most of the scenes that he is a part. Manjari Phadnis, Amrita Puri and Simran Kaur Mundi play the three wives well. Simran is the most attractive and she catches your eyes with her act. Jamie Lever, the daughter of the legendary comedian Johnny Lever is LOL. She plays a la Kanta-ben character but brings so much more to it. Elli Avram is beautiful but doesn’t have much to do in terms of acting.

kis-kisko-pyaar-karoon-LIf you are a fan of “Comedy Nights With Kapil” or are looking for some mindless comedy, look no further. If you are willing to take a film for what it is without asking any questions, then this film could bring you a bucket full of entertainment. I am not a fan of Kapil and I still had a pretty good time. This film cannot be reviewed or rated in terms of cinematic volume for the simple reason that it is more of a stand-up act than a cohesive or literary cinema. So I will rate it only in terms of wholesome entertainment and comedy that it brings to the table. It has no reason, no logic, no sublime beauty or for that matter bravura performances. What it has is an endless supply of perfectly working gags which are bound to tickle you funny bones. I laughed and I believe you will too.


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