Singh-is-Bling-PosterI just fail to understand, why the Bollywood directors with so much at their disposal in terms of money, reach, technology and sheer star power have to make such lame films. Films so lame that they better not be called films. A look at Prabhudheva’s Bollywood filmography as a director reveals a striking truth. Wanted-> Rowdy Rathore-> Ramaiya Vastavaiya-> R…Rajkumar-> Action Jackson-> Singh is Bliing. He peaked with his first film, Wanted, which happened to be both a highly entertaining and a solid action film. He followed it up with Rowdy Rathore, which was not bad, but then he started a downward spiral which has hit and all time low with Singh is Bliing.

There is no story to it. Whatever little happens on screen is just an excuse to let the hero and heroine show their histrionics or break into songs every now and singh-is-bliingthen. Raftaar Singh (Akshay Kumar) is sent to Goa by his father to work for a friend of his, who happens to be a don. At the same time, Sara (Amy Jackson) arrives in Goa to look for her mother. Before coming there, she has a beef with Mark (Kay Kay Menon) who now plans to teach her a lesson. Sara’s father is an associate of Raftaar’s boss in Goa. When in Goa, Sara meets Singh, who is assigned as her bodyguard. Thus starts a series of unwanted and bizarre incidents which the director calls the story and screenplay of this film.

1280x720-YNyThe couple never speaks with each other as Amy doesn’t understand Hindi and Raftaar doesn’t speak English. They communicate via a third person called, Emily (Lara Dutta). Emily has issues of her own and strangely enough miscommunicates between the two for most of the time. The first half is spent in juvenile antics of Singh and the second half is no different sans the final climax which is just as bad. We associate Prabhudheva with solid action but unfortunately in this film, most of the action is handled by Amy Jackson. I am not saying that she does a bad job, but who wants to see Amy Jackson throw punches.

Akshay’s character is strangely kept off action for most of the time. Whatever little he gets to do is because someone singh is bliing dil kare chu che - largetouches his turban. Kay Kay Menon’s Mark is a joke. After getting his a** kicked in the very beginning by Amy Jackson, now wants her a** in return. The way he goes about doing this is hilarious. He starts off by murdering his own father and then sends henchmen to kill Amy and Raftaar and then finally blackmails his father with dire consequences if she is not married off to him. Just imagine the stupidity of the writing. Amy agrees. Yes! She does, because she finally has a family which she doesn’t want to lose. How come a girl who beats a gang to pulp, turn into such a cry baby so quickly?

akshay-kumar-amy-jackson-brings-out-the-desi-punjabi-style-in-cinema-dekhe-mama-from-singh-is-bling-1-800x500_cThe proceedings get so stupid and boring that I just gave up the hope to try to decipher or for that matter pay attention to what was about to happen next. The lethargic pace of the film is constantly hit by songs popping up here and there. The songs are some of the worst that I have heard in a blockbuster for a while now. Thus they feel even longer than their duration. Five songs of average 5 minutes duration apiece make for 25 minutes of runtime. Thus it is safe to say that the film is half an hour longer. The songs are not only inconsequential but also stall the story as nothing happens while they are shown.

Akshay Kumar proves yet again that he is bigger than some of the films that he is a part of. It’s solely because of his likability and hearty performancesingh is bliingnew1 that I could barely sit through this film. If it was not for him, this film would have been unwatchable. He acts out even the most inane of scenes with such elan that you cannot help but be amused at the prowess and sheer screen presence of this man. Amy Jackson does well. She looks pretty and breezes through the action sequences in style. Some comic sequences are good like the one in which Amy rides a jeep sitting on Raftaar’s lap and what follows. The scene with the lion was also funny. Kay Kay Menon has dented his reputation previously with films like Drona and this film will only add to that list. He is unbearable as Mark. The rest of the cast are no better.

The locales and cinematography is good while the editing leaves nothing to be desired. However, the screenplay that Prabhudheva has to work with leaves no room for anyone to save this film. Singh is Bliing is a huge disappointment. It’s boring, its long and it’s atrocious. Save yourself from this torture.


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  1. Arjun Khera says:

    Singh is Bliing is Prabhudeva’s direction in a typical Akshay Kumar style
    The character raftar will entertain you throughout the whole movie
    Amy Jackson will steal your hearts
    It is a family entertainment with a keep your brain at home story line


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