Pyaar Ka Punchnama 2 is a film about repetition. The same old story, the same old cast (sans two new faces), the same old lingo and the 10-minutes breathless talk. When you watch this film, it becomes evident that the director has exhausted his ideas on evil women in the first installment itself as he is not able to bring anything new to the table this time around. What is infinitely worse is the fact that the film lacks the comedy, the charged emotions and the shattering finale that made its predecessor what it is. What we get here is a retelling of the events of the first film with just a few “OK” jokes which we wouldn’t mind missing.

The story revolves around three lads named Chauka, Gogo and Thakur. They drink like fish, party like crazy and live life king size until that fateful day when they fall for three girls. Thakur lands sharabi-pyaar-ka-punchnama-2s-first-song-out-1up with a control freak who has a problem with him paying the bills of his friends but is “Ok” with him buying her an IPhone Gold. Chauka lands up with a girl who is totally honest with him. She even introduces him to her parents but as one of her many friends. Chauka soon ends up being their domestic help-cum-techy-cum-transporter-cum-et all. Gogo has a girlfriend who is always surrounded by three other girls and he has to deal with the endless tantrums of not only his love but that of the other three as well.

pyaarkapunchnama2800x420_1441276569The film starts off well but as the story progresses the writer and the director are clearly visible running out of ideas. The story moves almost in the same manner as the first with very little punch or for that matter comedy. The first installment had loads of comedy in the first half complimented by an equal amount of tension and pain in the second half. The songs complemented the screenplay. I am yet to forget the song “O bawre, sun to le zara “, wherein the pain and frustrations of the three are unleashed. Here you have nothing of that sort. What’s worst is the fact that at many junctures, the girls seem to be right in what they are doing.

The three breakups that happen are hardly effective and leave nothing for you to ruminate. You don’t feel a thing. The guys here seem to have a sort of Screen Shot 2015-09-03 at 4.48.59 pm.pnga casual attitude towards the girls which was not the case with the guys from the first films. They were serious and hopelessly in love which made their betrayals that much more effective. Here the guys just sleep walk through their essay and walk out of it without breaking a sweat. The only one who makes a whisker of an impact is the lovely Sunny Singh playing the adorable Chauka. Chauka’s girlfriend is not willing to spill the beans of their relation in front of her parents and that creates some hilarious situations. My favorite is the one involving her parents where they make Chauka create a profile of hers in He essays the character with vitality and you feel his angst at many junctures. But his character too is a victim of poor writing.

unnamedKartik Aaryan literally replays the character of Rajjo from the previous film with lesser guile this time. He seems lesser interested in Nushrat Bharucha’s Ruchika, as if he has had enough of her from the previous film. Omkar Kapoor as Thakur is macho and plays a character similar to Raayo’s Vikrant from the previous film but he too seems impervious to pain and heartache which renders his character shallow. Sonalli and Ishita are exact replicas of what they had played before. Ishita has grown hotter while Sonalli has mellowed down a bit. The rest of the cast are there just for the ride.

Overall, if you have seen Pyaar Ka Punchnma, then you can easily skip this one as it has nothing to add on to its predecessor. For those who haven’t seen the previous film, may watch this but it will still be a better bet to watch the first installment and skip this one. I had high hopes from this one and I have been sorely disappointed.


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