the_green_inferno__2015__by_myrmorko-d8fm2q7Eli Roth’s The Green Inferno is a nasty piece of film making. Visibly inspired by films like “Cannibal Holocaust”, Roth presents us with a cringe worthy screenplay which starts off slow but once it kicks into top gear, it never lets off. The story revolves around a girl named Justine (Lorenza Izzo) who has an all so evident crush on the charismatic Alejandro(Ariel Levy). After attending a lecture about Female Genital Mutilation in various tribes, She decides to volunteer for Alejandro’s group who are going over to Peru to stop some big shot company from destroying one of the tribes of that region by overrunning their habitat. The team successfully stops the company for a day or two. While on their way back, their plane crashes in the middle of the jungle and the team or what is left of them is captured by the native tribesmen.

Following their capture, the team is subjected to speechless tortures and many are eaten alive. It also comes to the fore that Alejandro may just not be the idealisticpic (20) leader that he portrays himself to be. As living in the tribe becomes increasingly difficult, Justine tries to escape. The tribesmen however have chosen her for the most brutal of their tortures which is Female Genital Mutilation. The very same FGM that inspired her to come with Alejandro in the first place. However, Justine may have just found an ally in one of the tribesmen. As her friends fall like nine pins, she might just have a way out of hell. The rest of the film is about the many tortures that the team endures and also how Justine makes her way back to the world.

pic (52)For those who are going in for the known Eli Roth materials,there are rewards aplenty. The film provides enough carnage, mutilation and torture to keep one and all interested. Interestingly enough, the plot and the performances are well done this time. While most of the primary characters do a good job, the characters of Justine and Alejandro are simply top of the line. Lorenza Izzo does well to bring out the fear, tension and in the end, the fighting spirit of Justine who has to deal with insurmountable odds to get back to her life. The scene where she is to be mutilated is built up wonderfully and is bound to stop your heart in tension. Ariel Levy as the selfish and ruthless Alejandro is wonderful. The scene where he masturbates to let off pressure, looking at a corpse is legendary. I have seen nothing like this in a film ever before.

The film boasts of great cinematography and the visual effects are done with such gusto that you are bound to be effected by the brutality that is on display. The many mutilations on screen are done with pics (1)aplomb and even though they happen when you expect them to, their effect is never diluted. The plane crash sequence comes as surprise but what follows is even more shattering. The way the group runs hither tither and is shot down by the tribesmen is a treat to watch. There is a sequence in between when one of the girls in the team has a bout of dysentery, which I believe was another scene which we haven’t seen before. The fact that the team member is a beautiful girl only makes the matter that much more shocking.

pics (3)Overall, The Green Inferno is a sickening and nauseating watch. From the scene where FGM is explained till the final escape of the protagonist, it constantly gets under your skin and makes you uncomfortable. If you have seen Hostel and feel that you have seen it all from Roth, wait till you watch this one. Made in the line of Cannibal Holocaust and Apocalypto, this could just be Eli Roth’s best and most repulsive film till date. For those who are refuting it for the gore and carnage, I ask this, what you got into this movie for in the first place. You know what this film is all about and if you like that, then this is a must watch. For those who are repelled by mutilation, carnage, violence, murder, tension etc.…walk clear of this one.


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