the-final-girls-posterThe Final Girls is a film about a film. It’s fun for most of the part thanks to its more than capable cast and for the insane story. Max (Taissa Farmiga) has lost her mother Amanda (Malin Akerman) in a car accident. Amanda happens to be a scream queen by which I mean she starred in low budget slasher flicks which over the years happened to garner a cult following. As fate would have it, years after her death, Max and a group of her friends, in a bizarre incident find themselves trapped inside Amanda’s most famous film, “Camp Bloodbath”. Reunited with her mother, Max now has to save her not only from the film’s testosterone charged hero, who wants to sleep with her but also from the maniacal serial killer from the film known as Billy.

The film is a lot of fun thanks to its over the top treatment. After the initial buildup, as the group of friends land up inside the film, the story moves at a brisk pace pics (56)and offers enough laughs and macabre to keep you interested. The feel of the movie is constantly engaging as we see some interesting twists and turns. The flashbacks, the actions and sensual moments are all built up well. There are some neat scenes like the repetition of the arrival of the campers after 92 minutes exact which also happens to be the duration of the slasher film. The scene where the group tries to escape but realize that they are entrapped inside the boundary of the films timeline and topography is well thought out.

pics (57)The situational comedy, which is mostly based on the generation gap between the people in the movie and the movie they land up in, works well. Adam DeVine plays Kurt, the hero of the slasher flick and he is the biggest comic relief. The scenes between him and the group who find his histrionics insane are lovely to watch. The film’s cinematography and editing is wonderful. The cinematography is starkly different in the sequences inside the slasher flick and outside it which really lets you differentiate between the two. The colors are heightened by increasing the saturations and the color channels which gives the picture a dream like hue. This makes even the ordinary compositions look a tad bit more beautiful. By that I don’t mean that the cinematography is bad. The visual effects though could have been better.

Malin Akerman looks beautiful and she suits the character she pays to the ‘t’. Her scenes with Farmiga’s Max are both warm and affective. Having said that, this is still a film about a slasher flick pics (61)with all its eccentricities and over the top acting. That I believe is intentional and frankly speaking quite well done. Taissa Farmiga brings her character to life. She doesn’t look the kind who would chop off the head of a serial killer and that’s exactly what adds charm to her character. She particularly does well in her scenes with Akerman. The film is complete with an interesting ending which leaves room for a sequel. At 88 minutes the film is breezy and chances are you wouldn’t know when it ends.

It’s a decent watch with a group of friends and even alone if you don’t have anything great on your platters.


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