HATE STORY 3(2015)

pics (29)

There are two types of people who would be going in to watch a film like Hate Story 3. About 70% of the lot will be in for the skin show while the rest of the 30% would go in for the music and the indianized thrills that it has to offer. I walked into it for both. After a grueling 131 minutes of swimming through some seriously terrible performances and country side garbage of a script, I can safely say that I hate this hate story. The first installment was an engrossing affair with Paoli Dam turning in a superb act and the film had both sensuality and thrills which found takers. The second film was more mayhem than erotica and had Jay Bhanushali which in itself is reason enough not to watch it. But this one really hits the rock bottom.

The story revolves around a multimillionaire Aditya (Sharman Joshi) who is happily married to his deceased brother once pregnant girlfriend Siya pics (20)(Zareen Khan) and is opening hospitals in his brother’s name telling people stories about him and how great he was. In walks another millionaire Saurav Singhania (Karan Singh Grover) and makes an indecent proposal to Aditya asking him to send his wife over to his place for a night. Aditya vows to destroy him but before he can, in a chain of some bizarrely constructed set pieces Saurav gets the better of Aditya and soon has him behind bars on charges of murder. Distraught Siya now has to surrender herself to Saurav if she wants to see her husband free again. What happens next forms the crux of the narrative.

pics (19)After sitting through the first half of this film you will either be able to predict what the rest of the film is about as was the case with me or you would be just disinterested to know what would happen next. The reasons behind that are many. To start with, each of the actors in the film is terrible. Really at many junctures its feels like they are merely reading out the script without feeling a thing about the parts they are playing. In trying to look menacing, some of them look stupid while whatever oomph factor the girls try to extract are lost in the scenes building up to the erotic ones or are lost after the actual act. That is thanks to the terrible acting they bring to the fore.

Karan Singh Grover plays a baddie for 90% of the movie if you consider Sharman to be the protagonist pics (22)and throughout his essay he gives all but one expression. Sharman is a superb actor and we have seen him excel in films like 3 idiots, Rang De Basanti and even Golmaal where I loved his comic act. He is terribly miscast here in a role which is just not meant for him. He tries to look menacing and attempts to play tough but everytime he opens his mouth, the whole seriousness just fizzles off. He looks out of place in the erotic scenes. Zareen Khan is pretty and voluptuous but her total lack of ability to look convincing in her act mars the erotic scenes where she does exude oomph. Daisy Shah was likable in Jai Ho but here she is plain annoying. I literally clapped when Karan broke her neck.

pics (15)The film’s script is horrendous. It is so amateurish and is laced with so many loop holes that there is no point getting in depth with it. Suffice is to say that this is a film in which a character’s plane is blown up mid air by a bomb and he lands up on land and still survives. What more can I say? Speaking of the erotic scenes, yes! The film has made some considerable efforts in moving ahead with the intimacy even though the “sanskari censor board” effect can be felt in a sequence or two. My only question is that why are the women wearing bras during their consummation? Seriously why? Why? It just feels so so odd and funny.

On the positive side, the film is shot well and is edited even better. Atleast two of the songs feel good and are beautiful to look at. That’s it. I don’t think these three positives are reason enough to see this film. This is the weakest Hate Story film till date and should be avoided. If you are really interested about the sensual scene then better download and the watch them from YouTube instead of wasting two hours in a cinema. Hate Story 3 is terribly disappointing.


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