Before I went to watch this film, I thought I would checkout its original which many used as an instrument to destroy this  version but then I thought it would be the best thing to do to just watch this film as a standalone flick and not be weighed down by a better predecessor. Still, I hated this film. I hated it so much that at a point I thought not to write this review. I thought it would be a better option to write about The Big Short, a film about the housing bubble which was deliciously entertaining and nerve wrackingly edgy but then I remembered that I had taken a solemn vow to write about all new releases and let my viewers know about my opinion so as to enable them to make a better thought out decision as they embark on their movie watching trips. So here I am reviewing this utterly ludicrous film.

The story revolves around a FBI agent Utah (Luke Bracey) who goes after a gang of thieves who use extreme sports as a means to pull off unbelievable heists. It Point-Break-Image101wouldn’t be entirely correct to call their acts as heist as they never lay a finger on the money. Utah infiltrates the gang of Bodhi (Édgar Ramírez) who don’t consider themselves as thieves but believe their acts to be in line with spirituality. They believe that they are following the Ozaki’s 8 which is a fictional trail of performing 8 near death trysts with nature and then coming out trumps and thus attain nirvana. In the act of performing the 8 they also happen to stop at junctures and give back what men have taken from nature. Stuff like gold, diamonds and money. The problem is their giving back is harming big corporation’s bottom line. Utah makes his way into the gang and then has to choose which side he wants to be on.

NEvDSosDiwx8yE_1_bThe stunts in the film are terrific even though they are edited hyper-actively (a way of saying there are too many cuts then what was needed) they still look gorgeous. I was practically enchanted by the surfing scene and the manner in which it is shot. The rock climbing sequence is also superbly done. It gives you a feeling of a bunch of men hanging literally from their fingers. It’s well shot and the 3D really gives you a feel of the odds that the men are up against. The sequence where the men glide through the mountain range and the blink and miss scene where they jump from a plane and straight into a cave are superbly done as well. I would have loved to see this scene go a little longer but its cut short.

Apart from the stunts, everything else in the film just falls flat on its face and breaks a dozen of its teeth. Ozaki’s 8 which is the gimmick on which thePoint-Break-Luke-Bracey-645x369 whole inspiration of Bodhi and his fellows are based is a genuine gag. You know why? Because Ozaki himself did just 3 out of the 8 stunts that he proposed in his 8. Come on man! When you creating a fictional myth why create it in such a bad fashion. Atleast make the man complete 7 and kill him off at the 8th or just name it Ozaki’s 3. Moving along, the drama is just boring. there is practically no conflict of emotions for Utah which was in fact a must.

thumb_PointBreak_TrailerThere is practically no connection, no feeling and no chemistry between Utah and the gang. They hardly share any camaraderie and whatever is shown is forced and cringe worthy. The ease with which Utah makes his way into the gang left me baffled. And then in the end Bodhi tells him that he knew all along that he was a cop and he was trying to save him from God knows what, which was another Ha! Ha! moment. So no inspiration, no drama and an utter lack of logic and story. Isn’t that enough to mar a film. Luke Bracey as Utah is horrible. He has all but one expressions which he carries all the way through. There is just no feel for the role for him. Even when he is angry he looks laughable. Édgar Ramírez could have been interesting but he is terribly done in by some of the worst writings of 2015. The rest of the cast is better left unmentioned.

Sans the stunts which are great to look at, Point Break fails in every other department. This is the kind of film which will make you realize that even in an action film the plot, performances, drama and the technicalities account for a lot. It actually sets up the reasons and the atmosphere for the action to unfold and make an impact. This was an unnecessary film to remake and as I say this someone somewhere is remaking Memento. So guys there are lots to endure in the future. Thankfully after reading this review, you may not choose to endure this film. The choice though is totally yours.



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