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When the first Kyaa Kool Hain Hum movie released, no one would have ever thought that it would eventually get two more sequels. But over the years it has metamorphed into a sleaze fest that will easy belittle many actual porn films if vulgarity was the parameter. While this could just be another huge money spinner, thanks to our audiences, but it will still be nothing more than just an excuse to show skin and make you sit and dip your beak.

While the first two films had atleast some comedy and the makers tried to be at least a bit imaginative, the third installment rides only on the skin show. While the two lead actors played by Tusharpics (11) and Aftab are porn stars who actually love their jobs, their constant co-stars played by Gizele Thakral and Claudia Ciesla who are suggestively named “Meri Lee” and “Suckoo” are walking talking turnons. Yes! They speak in a manner that suggests that they are having an orgasm. They wear the bare minimums only and are easily handled by anyone and everyone.

pics (9)When they are asked to play Tushar’s sisters to please his would-be in laws, they still keep getting back into their jiggzz at the slightest instigation and sometimes without any instigation. Their antiques, no matter how alluring to the audiences, is cringe worthy in every sense of the terms. Whatever little comedy there is works sparingly and everytime it tries to take hold of your senses, you have another insanely crappy sleaze show cut it short. The performances by the entire cast is superfluous except Krishna. I can’t understand why this man is not given better roles. He puts his heart and soul into a character that is so shallow that even his histrionics cannot save it. Still, he singlehandedly makes some of the scenes passable.

Mandana Karimi has chosen a very wrong role in her initial days in Bollywood. Not only is she reduced to a Barbie doll for most of the film, she pics (5)appears as a very cheap one at that. She feels fake and forced for most of the part and apart from the song and dance routine has absolutely no oomph to display. The thunder is in most of the parts stolen from her by Gizele Thakral and Claudia Ciesla who have the raunchier dialogs and more suggestive moves.

There is nothing in this film except the skin show which is also not of a very high order. If you are going into watch this film because of the skin show, you may like it. For all those who are going in for the comedy will be sorely disappointed. There is no plot, no feel for the characters, no situational comedy and no imagination about it. Even after being toned down by our highly “sanskari” censor board, Kyaa Kool Hain Hum 3 is still outrageous in many sequences and that I believe is the only USP of this film.

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