Mastizaade-Official-Poster-683x1024Last week was Kyaa Kool Hain Hum 3 and this week it is Mastizaade. Both the films have been marketed as sex-comedies and they both have their own USPs in Mandana Karimi and Sunny Leone. It is needless to reiterate the fact that Sunny is a much bigger pull than Mandana, Gizele and Claudia all put together and here we have two versions of her. The film banks heavily on her antics and skin show and she obliges gleefully. In doing so she also somehow infuses a likeness for the characters that she portrays. What I mean is that Sunny Leone stands out not only as a seductress but pulls of her part so well that you actually connect with the characters that she is portraying.

Sadly the film is too stupid and inane to make any of her efforts count for anything. The plot sunnyrevolves around two advertisement film makers who crash on sex-addict’s rehab sessions to pick up their targets with whom they can then go the mile. Things change when they both meet Sunny Leone’s Laila and Lily (twin sisters) apiece and genuinely fall for them. That’s what the film has you believing. The guys try to convince the sisters of their true love in their own ways in the backdrop of an enraged father, a crippled but determined suitor for one of the sisters and an obnoxiously clingy gay brother of one of the two sisters.

6-mastizaadeMastizaade has more comedy than Kyaa Kool Hain Hum 3. It has a better looking and more seductive lead in Sunny Leone and is much breezier on your senses. The songs are a tad bit more tolerable especially because of the Sunny Leone show. Tushar Kapoor and Vir Das are tolerable too. The only problem happens when you have to take Tushar for a handsome dude who has Sunny Leone fall head over heels for him. That’s where you really feel awkward. Vir Das is less of a live-wire than what he could have been. Suresh Menon is intolerable as Das, the gay brother of the two sisters who has a fetish for Tushar. His every appearance is cringe worthy and made me feel like throwing up. That’s no comedy.

This is still in no way a film which is remotely in line with the art of narrative cinema. It is just an excuse to give people a reason 2015_12_23_05_03_05_mastizade8to ogle at the assets of scantily dressed women and be in shameless celebration of that. With every film of this type I keep getting this weird feeling that Bollywood films are headed to a deeper and deeper gorge. A low from which it might just be impossible for them to recover. Week after week the audiences are being served up with trash of this kind and the people seem to be getting comfortable with these types of offerings and worse, enjoying it.

This film may still do well and earn the moolah that it set out to earn but with its success, some film maker somewhere will turn away from making a film in line with the art of narratives and invest in such cheap fare while some viewer somewhere may just start waiting for another soft-core flick like this turning away from sensible cinema. The Indian audiences deserve better.


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