deadpool_english_movie_poster_trailer_star_cast_2016_upcoming_wikiDeadpool is an extreme departure from what we have come to expect of the superhero movies these days. What started in DC universe with films like The Dark Knight Trilogy quickly found a voice in the Marvel universe as well with Captain America: The Winter Soldier almost ending up like a dark and gritty espionage thriller. However, Marvel’s Guardians of the Galaxy gave us a glimpse of what humor could do to an action film if done well. Deadpool takes the idea and fleshes it out to abominable proportions. Does it do it right. Hell Ye! It does. Does Ryan Reynolds do justice to the role of Deadpool? Hell Ye! He does. Is this a comedy? Hell ye! It is. Is this an action film? Hell Ye! It is.

Deadpool has probably the thinnest story-line for an action movie in a long long time! Mind you I am ignoring the shitty action films. The story revolves around Wade (Ryan Reynolds) a man who was a special OPs commando and then became a Mercenary and has finally settled down with the one true love of his life Vanessa (Morena Baccarin). After having a considerable good time with her, he is diagnosed with cancer which will eventually kill him. As he tries to cope with the situation, he meets a mysterious man who offers him a chance to not only cure his cancer but also give him super powers beyond his wildest imaginations.

Wade gives in to his offer and soon finds himself trapped in a program Deadpool-Exclusive-Set-Photo-Ryan-Reynolds-Gina-Carano-Ed-Skrein-600x400headed by Ajax(Ed Skrein) who informs him that what he thinks to be a super hero program is actually a super slave program. If he survives the experiments then he will be sold off to the highest bidder and will be doing some evil man’s will somewhere around the world. Wade tries and finally escapes from his clutches but not before his experiment has grotesquely disfigured him. However, that same experiment also gives him immediate healing abilities and makes him lightening fast. Wade takes upon the alter ego of Deadpool to find Ajax and fix his face so that he can get back to the love of his life. The rest of the film is about Deadpool searching for Ajax with two X-Men “Colossus” (Stefan Kapicic) and “Negasonic Teenage Warhead”(Brianna Hildebrand) trying to stop him from committing crimes and recruit him in the X-Men.

deadpool-2016-movie-poster-4k-wallpaperDeadpool is wickedly funny. Every dialog in the film ends with a pun or sarcasm which is bound to make you roll over with laughter. Even the romantic dialogs between Wade and Vanessa are not spared. The best moments however come towards the end when Wade aka Deadpool advises his Taxi Driver friend on how to get the girl he wants and what to do with the guy in the trunk of his car. The film makes a caricature of most superhero clichés like the trio of Deadpool, Colossus and Negasonic Teenage Warhead walking into the wolf’s lair and then suddenly one of them remembering that they had left their bag full of weapons in the Taxi that they came in. There is a pause as Deadpool tries to get the Taxi Driver on his cell to have him drop back the weapons. This scene will make you burst out with laughter.

There are even scenes where Ryan Reynolds references his own previous failed characters of “Green Lantern” and Deadpool from “X-Men Origin deadpool-01Wolverine” for the sake of gags and it works wonders. The reason why the comedy works out so well is because it is delivered with conviction and immaculate comic timing by all the characters. T.J Miller plays Weasel one of Wade’s friends. Wade unveils his horrid appearance to him and one should look at his comic reactions in this film. They are epic. Ryan Reynolds has found the perfect character in Deadpool that suits his style and his skill set. He is hilarious throughout the film and keeps you engaged in his act through his mannerism and the crisp dialogs that are written for him.

Screen Shot 2015-12-25 at 9.58.35 AMThe action in the film is terrific. There are just two major action sequences in the whole film but they are long and well done. There is a lot of in-camera action which you will realize when you see the sequences. What that does is infuse a feeling of life in the sequences unlike a few guys jumping around green screens. There is CGI involved too but it is used wherever it is needed and only to add to the realism of the film. The character of Colossus is CG as you might be aware but he too appears real for a large portion of the film. His one to one discussions with Wade are hilarious. He lectures him on goodness and virtue while Wade is totally shameless and comfortable in his degenerate ways and feelings. Colossus also has a one to one fight with Angel Dust (Gina Carano). Angel Dust is an accomplice of Ajax and is just as powerful as Colossus is. Their one on one showdown is great to watch. Carano is hot and it’s gorgeous to see her kick some “Colossal Ass”.

One more thing that I loved about the action sequences was that apart from the in-house sequences, great wide angles and steady camera movement deadpool3was used in almost every other sequence that provides the width. The audience could get a feel of the scale of the action as well as enjoy its beauty. The editing is just perfect for the action sequences letting you take in the sequences by giving you enough time between cuts. The camera work is perfect and so is the background score that complements the mood of the sequences. Ed Skrein plays the principal baddy Ajax and redeems himself from the damage that Transporter Refueled did to his career. Even though he is no match for Reynolds’ Wade, he does well in his act. Morena Baccarin is apt in her act as Vanessa even though she has little to do.

Overall, Deadpool is a terrific entertainer. You will love every sequence of it. However it must be remembered that this is a film which is heavy on dialogs and the gags will be incomprehensible to you if you don’t have knowledge of some contemporary stuff (mostly lowly stuff). Thus it is safe to say that it will not cater to the literary types and those who find it difficult to follow the American lingo. For the rest it will be a roaring affair. Watch it twice if you don’t get it completely the first time.


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