KAPOOR & SONS (2016)

pics (43)Kapoor & Sons is a refreshing family drama after a while. We have seen numerous similar films in the past but the earnest manner in which the director approaches the story and the many nuances that it holds is more than enough to make this film a riveting watch. The film has a constant undercurrent of comedy running which helps to keep the matter breezy and doesn’t let the heavy nature of the content get to you and make you morose. The song and dance routines are kept to a bare minimum and they are placed at junctures where they don’t impede the story but on the contrary help add a sense of jive to the narrative.

As the title suggest, the story revolves around the Kapoor family wherein two estranged brothers Rahul and Arjun residing out of the country are forced to come pics (3)back to India when their grandfather suffers a heart attack. While Rahul is an ultra cool and successful writers who is hot property for the publishers, Arjun is finding it difficult to make ends meet. The two brothers are in logger horns with each other as the parents look upon one as successful and the other as a failure. The parents Harsh and Sunita have issues of their own arising out of Harsh’s involvement with another women and his discouraging Sunita to open her own business. The financial problems of the family also hit the peace in the household. When in India the two brothers meet a chirpy girl Tia who further catalyses the chemistry between the two brothers.

pics (36)The plot of the film is many faceted and has a lot of subplots but it must be mentioned that each of the subplots is tied off properly by the end. The film moves at a brisk pace and sans a few scenes between Tia and the two brothers it never makes you restless. The funniest and quirkiest of the scenes are attributed to Rishi Kapoor as the naughty Dadu and the quarrel between the family members. It remains realistic in its portrayal of the issues and doesn’t try to end everything on a happy note. The family members suffer loses and the whole family is grief stricken. They part ways but come back together by the end. But there are still voids left between that happiness.

Fawad Khan and Sidharth Malhotra act beautifully. People question Sidharth’s range of expressions time and again but here he essays his character with panache. His act is immersive andpics (38) believable at the same time. Fawad Khan essays an unconventional role with a lot of gusto and elegance. He not only looks the part that he essays but also gets into the skin of the character. Alia is natural as always and this is a role that she has essayed numerous times. Thus she has a level of comfort with the role and that is evident in her act. Rajat Kapoor and Ratna Pathak are superb as the parents. A sense of passion flows through their act and every tiff and tender moment that they share all seem very real. Ratna Pathak does one better towards the end.

The film’s music is good. I say this because here there is some room for it to fill in and it does so wonderfully. The romantic number, the party number and the sad one towards the end all add something to the film and makes you feel the warmth, jive or bite of the situation. The cinematography and editing is good and leaves nothing to be desired. This is a real film drama and it is sans most of the fluff. Thus what attracted me towards it may also prove to be a deterring factor for many who are looking for another happy go lucky ride. Sans that this film is a great watch. I loved it and believe that every thinking man who is willing to devote to its story for the while will do so as well.

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  1. Praveen Sisodiya-Admin says:

    Aambar, you too did it well. I am waiting for your reviews on upcoming movies.


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