This film has been recommended to me time and again but for some reason or the other I just missed it. But I made it a point to watch it today as this Friday Rocky Handsome (starring John Abraham and directed by Nishikant Kamat) is coming out. As we all know it is a remake of The Man from Nowhere and going by the trailers it packs quite a punch. The idea was to not only finally watch a film that has received wide acclaim but also get a first hand idea of what to expect from Rocky Handsome. After watching this film all I have to say is that it Rocky Handsome turns out to be even 50% of what this film is, it will be a rip roaring affair.

The Man from Nowhere is about a little girl whose mother gets entangled with a shady organization dealing in drugs and human organ trade. The girl is picked by the gang when they come looking fullsizephoto121823for her mother who has been holding onto some important stuff of the organization. What they don’t take into account is a seemingly normal man that the girl be-friends. This man has a dark past and the little girl is his only friend or for that matter only human contact to the world. So he wants her back at any cost and goes all out against the organization. He singlehandedly takes down the whole network and its bosses before rescuing the girl and setting her up for life.

Man-from-nowhere-still_465The plot of the film seems simple enough for an action flick and it is but there are multiple subplots involved and the drama is layered. The subplot involving the cops trying to track down the organization on their own, the past of the man and also his camaraderie with the little girl are all played out well. Even there are two villains initially and half way through one has the better of the other. The film doesn’t have much action to start with and the guy seems very normal and easy going until all hell breaks loose. The director makes it a point to keep the action sequences brief and realistic giving utmost importance to framing and a somewhat haphazard editing style. The shaky cam is evident in almost every action sequence but it is beautifully used and never for once becomes a deterrent to fluid viewing.

The film is grim and gritty throughout which gives it an interesting feel. The villains, even though no match for the hero, will still send shivers downThe_Man_From_Nowhere-007 your spines primarily because of the sickness that they have in their hearts. They are just detestable and hateable. The main henchman who has the ability to match our hero move for move is the only one with some light in his heart. But he too is hell bent on performing the task that he is assigned which sets up some interesting duels. The cinematography is in keeping with the mood of the film. I really appreciated the way they captured the action sequences. Being a short film maker myself, I fully understand the difficulty in cutting together an action sequences that too when you are using shaky cam. The kind of impact that the action sequences have is primarily because of the manner in which the sequences are shot and edited.

TMFNWGlock17This is also one of those action films which will be known for its dialogs. In the trailer of Rocky Handsome, John grunts on the phone saying “kaal ki baat karne wala kaal nahi aaj marta hai”. This is a straight pickup from one of the many great lines in this film. These dialogs actually add depth and give definition to the way in which the characters are feeling when they speak out the words.  There are some beautiful lines attributed to the child as well which really makes an impact on the man. It was very important to establish the relation between the man and the girl and it is done in a two pronged manner. First using their camaraderie and then towards the second half, it is linked to the past of the man showing us why it was so important for him to save the girl. The believability of the plot was the only thing that could make the action worthwhile and that’s exactly what the director was able to achieve.

Bin Won does great as the man. He is electrifying in the action sequences and very warm in the dramatic sequences. The moments that he shares with the girl are easily the highlights of the film. When he undertakes the actions, he looks and acts the part. His duel with the assassin (Thanayong Wongtrakul) from the other side is the hottest. Sae-ron Kim as the little girl Somi is brilliant. This would have been a lesser film without her spirited act. Overall, this is one of those rare nearly flawless action flicks. It is definitely a must watch for all action fans. Even for people who are looking for something more than action, this film will cater absorb-able dosage of drama which will appeal to your hearts.


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