Rocky Handsome is a remake of the acclaimed Korean action flick, The Man from Nowhere. It is one of those copy paste-jobs where they even get the grammatical mistakes spot on. The trailer looked pretty good and I was really looking forward to what John could do different with the character. For all those who already don’t know the story, the film revolves around a Special Forces commando played by John Abraham who befriends a troubled but lovable little girl. The girl is kidnapped by a group of drug dealing organ peddlers after her mother gets entangled with them in a theft gone wrong. John now takes it upon himself to free the girl from their clasp and make everything right.

The film was always thin on story and not having the nuances and dramatic overtones that made its original special, the filmrockyhandsome4 was highly reliant on the action sequences and they work for a while. What I found discoursing was the fact that after a while John just sleep walks through the moves. The intensity is lacking and you as the audience don’t feel the kill. That is where the action sequences loses its juice and affectivity. Take for instance the finale, John gets hit left and right and yet he just goes ahead with his moves without any impairment. Even in his fight with the best assassin from the other side, they feel like essaying out choreographed moves without any intensity whatsoever. That really hurts the swagger.

20-Rocky-Handsome-teaser2Next, we know that good action should be complimented with a pulse pounding soundtrack to make the kind of impact that you remember and take home. The teaser had it, but interestingly the film doesn’t. I was literally distraught at this handicap. I mean they could have simply used the soundtrack from the teaser. John Abraham doesn’t have a great deal of range in terms of acting but he looks good when he is angry and thank God he remains angry all the time. He has the physicality to make believe the fact that he can actually plummet ten men at a time and yet his lack of gusto in the action scenes lessens his impact. But still he does a very good job.

Baby Diya Chalwad is terrific. It’s amazing to see how these kids act their heart out even in difficult roles. Nishikant Kamat rocky-handsome-3himself plays the principal baddy in this film and he is not the sort who could match up to John. He neither has the physicality to match him nor does he have the kind of hatefulness associated to his character that made the villains of the original memorable. Shruti Hassan is barely there. The film boasts of great cinematography especially in the action sequences and the hues that the DOP uses to relate the somber mood of the story really suits the compositions well. The editing (sans a sudden cut before the beginning of a flashback) remains good. The songs are a deterrent as always.

Overall, Rocky Handsome is a onetime watch at best. I have to say that I am a tad bit disappointed with it, considering the fact that I was really looking forward to it. It is neither as raw and physical as Force nor nearly as intelligent as Drishyam. Neither does it have the kind of drama that would make you stand up and take notice. It is a very average film which has John and the eye candy action as its only USPs.


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