HUSH (2016)

Hush_2016_posterHush is a film which can be found on Netflix right now which I believe should have got a wider release primarily because of its quality. It is terrifying in certain parts and absorbing throughout. It’s not like that we haven’t seen films like this before but just that it is very well made and very well acted. There are all but four characters in this film and it unfolds in a house alone but it really takes you into its narrative and makes you stand up and take notice of its cinematic quality. Is it a guilty pleasure? Yes! it is but it is a very well made guilty pleasure. Is it a slasher flick? Not so much! but it does have its share of terrifying violence and some real on your face gore.

The story revolves around Maddie, an author who is trying to finalize the ending of her new book but she is confused. She is hold up in a secluded house in the 4c9bv4Nu6xomiddle of a forest as it seems from the initial shots. She is attacked by a psycho who is wishes to kill in her own home but there are two twists to the tale. Firstly Maddie is deaf and mute and secondly the psycho is not willing to come right in to her house but decides to torture her first before ending her life. Maddie must now use her remaining senses and all her courage and intelligence to outsmart this man who is stronger and faster than her.

There are plenty of reasons to like this film. First and foremost it surprises you every now and then. I am generally pretty good at forecasting and understanding exactly where the scares would come from but in this case, the film jumped me on more than one occasion. The scares are very real and the director does extremely well to ensure that none of it gets repetitive or for that matter predictable. There are also sequences where you expect something to happen but it doesn’t. That also plays well on your mind and keeps you guessing.

The film is relentless. After the brief initial setup, it just surges on at a breakneck speed. There isn’t a moment’s relief 3a95a4b736a3055105277ad88f3a34a7ba039e7dand everytime you feel that you could take a breath, the narrative catches you off guard. The baddie is extremely hateable and you cheer everytime he gets his due from Maddie. Maddie is undone by her weaknesses but she is relentless too. She fights the man with all her guts and every now and then gets the better of him.  Here I have to give credit to the sensational performances of the two actors who essay their roles with such conviction and gusto that you can’t help but believe in their respective acts.

HUSH16REVKate Siegel is great. The fact that she co-wrote this film also makes it clear that she understands the character and the feel of it. It isn’t easy to play a deaf and mute and successfully transpose the fear and desperation of a home invasion but she uses her lacking to great effect ensuring that they work as elements to increase the fear factor in many sequences. John Gallagher Jr. is perfectly hateable as the man invading Maddie’s house. There are no explanations given as to why he is doing what he is doing increasing the fear factor for the man. There is a brief sequence where Maddie gets a closer look at his crossbow showing markings that suggest a thing or two about his past and the number of his victims. The rest of the cast do their parts well. The only little snag is it gets a little repetitive towards the end and looses some steam.

Overall, Hush is an extremely well made thriller with a claustrophobic feel to it. It runs for eighty one minutes and you can actually lay that time out as the actual timeline for the chain of events that unfold. This fact makes it even more relatable and gives you a feel of realism. Superbly acted, well directed and thoughtfully shot, this is one of those rare gems that we should not miss. For being so very engaging and scoring in almost all departments Hush gets 4.5 smileys out of 5. Watch it for sure.

Rating : 4.5/5 Stars (4.5 out of 5 stars)

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  1. Great review! I really enjoyed this film. Nice to read someone else’s take on it. Please feel free to check out my review, I’d love to hear feedback:


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