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Vikram Bhatt has this unique tendency of making films that are interesting but his treatment and almost always terrible performances from his cast members makes them less than satisfactory. Also there is a strange theatricality and exposition heaviness to all his tales that also comes in the way of his films being good. A perfect example of all these traits can be found in Love Games. A film that could have been fairly interesting and if well-acted, it could even have been good but the actors go overboard and the plot just plummets towards the end making this film not only less than satisfactory but very bad indeed.

The story starts with promise. Ramona (Patralekhaa) is the wife of an ageing businessman who is murdered. After his deathpic (1) she comes to her own which is accepting gleefully that she is a sex addict and goes off philandering. Her toy boy Sam (Gaurav Arora) who happens to enjoy his innuendos with her sometimes cuts himself to feel alive. But when he is with her (kissing, cuddling and doing lots more) he never for once feels sad or bad or whatever. But when is alone he feels a void. “You need love in your life”, grunts his psychiatrist and he just rubbishes her advice. However he expresses his thoughts to Ramona and the two decide to spice up their sex life further by beginning what they call Love Games. The idea is to go to any Page 3 party and locate the happiest looking married couple there.

pic (6)They then try to woo the husband and wife and whoever is able to sleep first with the partners wins the bet and is liable to supply coke for the week for free. Sam starts enjoying the game and you can see that in his expression which feels extremely odd considering the fact that we are supposed to like his character. The couple continues with their games until Sam falls for a pretty housewife played by Tara Alisha Berry who is brutalized by her husband for no reason and who after a brief courtship gives it all up to Sam. Ramona is not willing to let go of her toy boy and she starts blackmailing him with his past. As Sam tries to untangle his life from Ramona’s clutches and settle peacefully with Tara, Ramona tightens her noose around him. The situation quickly gets out of control and lives are lost. But Ramona is not the only player afoot in this game.

The film is marred by over the top clichés from the very first scene. The dialogs are cringe worthy at many junctures. Linespic (15) like “I missed your lips”, “lal kapda dekha nai ki sar niche karke ghuss jata hai” are thrown at you at regular intervals. Each of the actors give you a feeling that they are not so much as acting as they are reading out scripted lines trying to stick make-believe expressions on the lines. Patralekhaa did a terrific job in Hansal Mehta’s Citylights but here she is reduced to a mere prop that just has to go around and smooch and have sex. The way she says that she is a sex addict gives you a feeling that she is not and instead is just out of her mind. Gaurav Arora has all but three expressions on his face all the way through and he tries his best to toggle between the three. In doing so he misfires in many sequences resulting in hilarious results. Tara is the prettiest face around and also the only one who acts a bit. She is the only believable character in the film and she too is heavily letdown by some stupid writing which can hardly explain her husband being so mean to her and her sudden turn of heart into doing what she does.

pic (13)A film like this must be rooted in reality and human drama to succeed but those are elements that are sorely missing in this narrative. Instead what we get is a hyper charged muck that doesn’t know which way to go before it limps to an ending. On the brighter side, it is good looking film and has some catchy music. Tara is a pretty face and the sequences involving her bright up the proceedings to an extent. The film had a good and engrossing idea to work with but the poor execution and the terrible acting spoils the film to a point where you cannot help but lambast it. I watched it but I can’t advice anyone else to see it. I will Give Loves Games 2 stars out of 5.

Rating : 2/5 (2 out of 5 Stars)



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