What happens when Sunny Leone tries to act and not perform? What happens when a film is not sure whether it wants to go the Sunny Leone way or the “I am some serious shit” way? What happens when three people who have extremely low acting skills come together and try to act up a serious drama? ONE NIGHT STAND happens. Here is a film which tries to be a cautionary tale and ends up being so boring that induces not only yawns but headache too. I was really hopeful of this film. I thought before trying to act, Sunny must have had enough seasoning and gave herself time to focus on a more serious role that to an extent doesn’t involve what she is dished out most of the time. But no! She is still the typical Sunny Leone and this time she doesn’t even have the oomph factor to save her.

Urvil (Tanuj Virwani) is a married creep who takes bets to sleep with women. Selina (Leone) is a voluptuous beauty who is spending quality time at an enchantingOne-Night-Stand-Movie-2016 location. The two meet and within hours of meeting they are tearing off each other’s clothes. The next day Urvil return to his wife and married life but Selina sticks to his memory like a chewing gum sticks to your boots. He is unable to forget her and finally meets her at an event but she is not what she said she was. She is married to a business tycoon and has a son too. While the one night stand was nothing more than a “one-time shag” for her, Urvil is adamant to make it a more regular affair. Trouble starts when Selina tries to get rid of him and Urvil forces himself on her.

One Night Stand (2016 film)The biggest problem with the film is its terrible acting. Sunny still uses a voice over and she speaks so slow mincing her words that you actually feel that she is trying to infuse a feeling that is not there in the words. It also feels like a teacher trying to negate with a creepy student from time to time which really feels odd. She looks beautiful but carries a fake expression all the way through. Really if she was the one good thing about her previous films, here she is one of the worst things about this film. Tanuj Virwani! Boy, What a terrible actor. He stared in films like “Luv u Soniyo” and “Purani Jeans”. I guess that tells us enough about his acting skills and career. His act is headache inducing. Let’s not talk about Nyra Banerjee.

The film fails on all counts. The premise feels fake. You hate the two primary characters because of the way they are and also because of the manner in which they are essayed. Why would we accept Sunny Leone’s sati-savitri/world’s best mother turn after the initial shag with Urvil? Just watch how she moves on him and then decide whether a virtuous lady would ever do so or not. Falling prey to a one’s urge is a different thing while going all out for it is another story. That’s what takes down the film’s premise. You can’t like a film if there isn’t a single character to like. Yes! The soundtrack is great, the cinematography is picturesque and the editing fine but that’s hardly enough to make up for a soul that the film is missing. Save yourself from this torture and steer clear of One Night Stand.

Rating : 1/5 (1 of 5 Stars)


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