teenageposterTeenage Mutant Ninja Turtles: Out of the Shadows is the sequel to the very passable 2014 TMNT movie. The film carries forward the story of the four turtle brothers as they do more and more to aid humans and become an indispensable part of the city’s armory.  They dwell in the gutters during the day but when night falls they come out of their refuge and enjoy a basketball game dropping the occasional piece of pizza on the turf. What! Did I get that right? Yes! I did. Let’s not forget we are talking about TMNT here. They are as funny as they are powerful.

The big bad Shredder who they help put down the last time around has escaped from prison. He just happens to have formed an alliance with an intergalactic shreddertmnt-175951sleaze-ball called Krang who owns three pieces of a teleportation device and those pieces are scattered on earth. Shredder is entrusted with the task to find the pieces, assemble them and help Krang take over the earth. In return he asks for Krang’s help to clean up the turtles. Thus the fight begins as the turtles try to thwart Shredder and Krang with some help from April (Megan Fox) and a new addition to the alliance, Casey Jones (Stephen Amell).

teenageheaderI felt that this one was an improvement over its predecessor. The film is more coherent than the first one. The turtles fight as a team and more so there are conflicts between them which was kind of interesting to look at. They have made some changes to the character of Shredder who is now a person instead of a metallic bot that he was the last time around. There are two new additions to the villain’s side in the characters of Rocksteady and Bebop who are a fun watch. Megan Fox is Megan Fox and she looks stunning even though she doesn’t act much. The addition of Amell’s character is a welcome change.

Apart from what I mentioned above the rest of the film is pretty much downhill. It is just so exposition heavy that at many junctures I teenage-mutant-ninja-turtles-2-super-bowl-spot-movie-trailer-2016just felt irritated at the fact that how dumb the director must think us audiences to be. I mean, scene after scene after scene he keeps narrating to us in first person whats actually  going on and what will be happening. The characters are used to do it too, especially Donatello who is the techie among the turtles. The action sequences are lesser in no. I really don’t know why they did that but that’s how it is. The finale is a huge bore. It is straight away lifted from the Transformers and The Avenger film. I mean seriously this portal opening and aliens coming in to destroy earth is really getting repetitive man. However, the 3D much like the first part was stunning.

1463405973789They gave shredder a human body this time and I expected him to do something more on a human level. What does he do? Nothing! Yes Nothing! Throughout the film he is ordering others to carry out tasks and when his time comes to face Krang, he gets his ass kicked in under five seconds. Stephen Amell’s character Casey Jones is cool to look at and has one good action sequence to his credit but after that he just sits without doing anything. He is smitten by April and April likes him too but they don’t so anything apart from liking each other.

The film is also constantly marred by some huge believability issues. The turtles keep getting inside plane cargoes without being noticed. It’s alarmingly stupid. The film runs out of steam in a runtime of 152 minutes. There is one great action sequence in between when the turtles travel to Brazil to track down an artifact and then again there is a lull. For a film of this nature that’s just unacceptable. I started getting restless towards the end of this film and constantly kept checking my watch. That’s a death sentence for a film that is totally dependent on entertainment value. The film has visual flair here and there but it has nothing to hold on to the viewer. Bad acting, terrible execution and a flawed screenplay takes it down to the under world. It may have improved on certain aspects from its predecessor but in doing that made all new mistakes itself.

Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles: Out of the shadows was better off left in the shadows.

Rating : 2/5 (2 out of 5 Stars)



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