indipendence day resurgence (4)Independence Day was a childhood favorite of mine for very many reasons. To start with it was a very self-aware film. By that I mean that the film knew what it was and never tried to step out of its boundaries. It was fun and there was a sense of urgency and a shed of real fear. The performances were top notch and they were successful in getting the audiences involved. The visual effects were great and it brought to life the sheer horror of a possible hostile alien invasion and what it might do to the population. The helplessness was relatable and the humans lost almost throughout the film until that final blow. Thus the effects compounded and we had a hell of a finale. Unfortunately, Independence Day: Resurgence has none of the characteristics that made its predecessor so likeable and almost a cult classic.

The story here is about the return of the aliens from the first film to finish what they had started. The people of indipendence day resurgence (3)earth had 20 years to build and develop their armory with knowledge of the alien tech but their efforts and progress proves to be meager in front of the sheer size of the aliens this time. The world unites yet again to join the fight against the aliens and this they have some help from another alien force that believes in the words “my enemy’s enemy is my friend”. Will Smith’s son, the new guy who is a cool pilot, the Presidents’ daughter and the wonderful Jeff Goldblum team up yet again to face off against a marauding alien race that’s more powerful than ever.

indipendence day resurgence (5)I will speak of the film’s merits first. The visual effects are good. There are some scenes that will make you go Wow! But the problem is that they are few and far apart. The alien design is good but it again feels very repetitive and constantly gives you a feeling of deja vu. Jeff Goldblum is the best thing about this film. He still has the charisma that made him standout in films like Jurassic park and even the first Independence Day. There is a sense of awe to his essay and he feels like the lone person who is actually understanding the threat of the situation. His act is atleast in line with the feel of the film.

On the flip side, the film seems like nothing but a prolonged effort at bringing back the good memories of its predecessor and making some mullah out of it. There is absolutely no urgency or fear factor in the actors and they crack jokes about the human calamity from time to time. Each of them remain in perfect makeup and doesn’t even have their hairs spoilt in all the mayhem. They show no anxiety whatsoever and neither is the same shown from the people around them. Even when hundreds are dying there is still no feel of the loss. I couldn’t think of a single scene where I felt for anyone of the people dying. There are multiple important characters dying here and you will not feel a thing for them.

Liam Hemsworth as the new guy and Jessie T. Usher as Will Smith’s son are terrible. I mean they are obnoxiously indipendence day resurgence (2)bad. One look at these two and you would know that they are in absolutely no threat of any sort and they will make it till the end. Their expressions are reminiscent of the fact that they have read the script and they know that they are going to live. This sort of an essay gravely rocks an already porous ship. Maika Monroe plays the president’s daughter and I have to admit that she does one better than the two hunks. Nicolas Wright is given an insane amount of screentime for a minor side character when he should not even be there. Will Smith’s character was sorely missed. There are innumerable subplots and not even one of them makes any sense or has any purpose. The visual effects though good are overcrowded at many junctures and give you a feeling of not getting the whole picture.

indipendence day resurgence (1)The previous Independence day was a lot of fun but this one isn’t even fun. I didn’t have high expectations from this film considering it’s director’s body of work over the years but this one sank even farther than I had expected it to. Some action sequences, Jeff Goldblum’s spirited show and some treasured nostalgia cannot make you turn a blind eye to the film’s gaping holes. There are constant lapses of logic and the film’s dialogs are so corny and cheesy that at many critical junctures you cannot help but just laugh at the poor writing. Independence Day: Resurgence is bad and you would do well to stay away from it. That way if you have had some good memories with its predecessor, they will remain cherished without this film to tragically mar those cheesy yet fond memories.

Rating: 2/5 (2 out of 5 Stars)


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