Allegiant part 1 (2)The Divergent Series: Allegiant is the latest offering in the Divergent Franchise. I liked the first film and the second was not bad either. This film however will fall somewhere between the two. It’s very hard not to like this film and interestingly there are many elements to it that actually make it quite enjoyable. However the film is marred to a large extent by the déjà vu bug that has been plaguing films of this genre. I call this genre teen dystopia and there is a huge crowd out there of this kind. There’s Maze Runner, there was Hunger Games, there’s Ender’s Games, and the list goes on.

The story starts here from the point where the previous film left off. Tris (Shilene Allegiant part 1 (4)Woodley), Four (Theo James), Peter (Miles Teller) and the others are now in a different world that was Chicago. The fractions no longer exist. Four’s mother Evelyn (Naomi Watts) is the new leader of Chicago and she takes to dispensing swift justice to all those left of the faction left behind by Jeanine. The group now decides to look beyond the walls and they escape into the ruins looking for mankind and hope. They soon make contact with the humans. Tris realizes that the city of Chicago is nothing more than a science project for a race of people who are devoid of any genetic anomaly or modifications. Their leader played by Jeff Daniels shows her a bigger picture and requests her assistance in creating a better world. But all is not how he said it was. Four blows the lid on the whole problem but Tris doesn’t believe his views. Soon the situation blows off on her face making her realize her mistakes.

Allegiant part 1 (3)The film has speed in its favor. The screenplay is relentless and the action consistent. There isn’t a single dull moment all the way through. Each of the actors take their characters seriously and that’s what helps in withstanding the interest of the audience. There are prolonged scenes of dialogs between David and Tris involving expositions and interestingly enough they never get boring. The characters have interesting expositions to make and the presentation is done with enough finesse to keep one and all interested. The fact that action sequences happen from time to time in between all the lectures only makes the matter that much more accessible. I found the visual effects consistently good. They are able to create a believebale world out of the ruins. The technology shown and used are also highly believebale and rendered beautifully.

Coming to the performances, Woodley not only looks alluring but is extremely worthy in her essay. She believes in her character and that shows in her performance. Like I mentioned before, I really liked her one to one with Jell Daniels who happens to be the next best thing about the film.  The man just keeps rolling on and on. He never for once loses his poise even while doing the most insane of things. Miles Teller carries on from where he left off. He is wicked in this film and I guarantee that you will love his act. Theo James is the same constipated killing machine that he was in the first two films and he adds nothing to his character in this film. There is a scene where he literally drags a woman by her neck to get her signature. I was like, WO! Where did that come from? That scene kind off defines his character and also the fact that why Tris just in the next scene decides against his wish.

The problem with the film lies in its effectivity. The story is so one dimensional and so farfetched that it’s really Allegiant part 1 (1)difficult to forge a bond between the characters and the audience. Also the fact that they are hip and ultra-cool even in the face of sure death makes it very difficult to care for them. The film has a sort of a mechanical feel to it which further detaches it from the audiences. The fact that the exposition no matter how interesting have a déjà vu feeling associated to it only makes them less appealing. A few performances could have been done better but they are not and let the screenplay down at critical junctures.

Allegiant part 1 (1)I have a liking for this genre and even to me this film failed at certain junctures. I really wanted to like this film. I loved the first installment and even the second one when it was lambasted by one and all, but here somehow I felt let down. Even though the film has enough merit to be watched once, I don’t feel it has the material to bring in audiences a second time. That’s a big failure for a film of this stature.  Still if you are looking for clean and whole some teeny entertainment, Allegiant could serve you well enough.

Rating : 3/5 (3 out of 5 Stars)


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