great grand masti (2)Great Grand Masti is an extension of what we got in Grand Masti. However it is much lesser fun this time around. A truck load of raunchy jokes, some serious cleavage show and a lot of double meaning dialogs are all that it has to entertain you with. The lead pair of Riteish, Aftab and Vivek are in their elements as always and they elevate certain comic scenes with their mad expressions. Unlike the first two films, Great Grand Masti relies heavily on their act. Atleast that was the case for me until Urvashi Rautela made her appearance almost into the second half. She is a treat for the eyes.

For anyone who has seen the trailer knows the basic premise of the movie. The story revolves around three sex-starved husbands who would do great grand masti (4)anything for a little Masti. Frustrated with their mundane life and as always instigated by Aftab’s character, the three decide to spend some quality time in Riteish’s old and creepy village in the guise of selling his ancestral house. Once there, the trio try to dip their insatiable beaks in the tempting Shabri (Rautela) not knowing that she is the ghost of a long dead Ragini who died a virgin. Ragini, who is unsatisfied for fifty years now goes after the three wanting them to submit to her desires and join her in hell. What follows is a mad comic caper that is peppered with ample skin show and sexual comedy.

great grand masti (1)Great Grand Masti is less funny than its predecessor but boasts of better performance from the trio. The wives of the three are practically absent in this film and a lot of time is dedicated to the three actors to exercise their ghosts and get in the groove. The film has some genuine comic scenes to its advantage but some others are blatant copies and that too of very bad taste. I have mostly hated songs in films but in this case the two songs featuring Urvashi Rautela are the highest points of the film. She not only looks alluring but has some killer moves. Even being a ghost she exudes sexuality which is hard to ignore.

I have always liked Aftab in the Masti series and here too he does very well. His facial expressions are the best things about the trio. He is totally over the top and that’s what I great grand masti (3)loved about the three. Riteish is the next best thing. His one to ones with his mother-in-law are great.  The film starts with a doctor-patient scene featuring him which will bring back memories of previous films. Vivek is straightforward and he is not much of a comedian but he does well in his act. He may fall a bit short in front of Aftab and Riteish but holds his own in certain scenes. Sanjay Mishra as Antakshri baba and Sreyash Talpade as Babu Rangeela are hilarious.

great grand masti (1)Overall, Great Grand Masti will be an enjoyable watch for all those who know what to expect. It’s lesser on the skin show than its predecessor but is much pottier. It would take a real Indian to understand the double meanings but for all those who do, it will be amusing in a dirty sort of a way. To top it all up, there is Urvashi Rautela to keep you fixed to the screens. It’s not her act that works but her moves. Watch out for her moves in “Resham Ka Rumaal” and you will know what I meant. Great Grand Masti is an enjoyable one time watch and nothing more than that.

Rating: 2.5/5 (2.5 out of 5 Stars)   


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