Suicide Squad (1)Suicide Squad is one of the most bi-polar films of recent times. When it’s good it’s terrific but when it’s bad it’s really terrible. I went into this film with very little expectations as the pouring reviews lambasted the film right, left and center. However, I somehow felt that I would enjoy it, going by what I saw in the trailers. I loved this film for at least one hour and forty-five minutes. I will speak in-depth about what I disliked about the last fifteen minutes but let’s dwell on what’s good about this film to start with. Suicide Squad has a very condensed plot if you look at it from the Squad’s perspective and though there are at least two subplots taking your attention here and there, it is advisable that you stick with the basic plot.

Amanda Waller (Viola Davis) is concerned with national security after Superman’s death. She believes that the next meta-human may not be in the Suicide Squad (6)image of the Man of Steel. So the humans need a backup plan. In comes the Suicide Squad. A gang of rag-tag toughies picked from the worst that the world of crime has to offer. Once assembled they are sent into a town which is under attack from a superhuman entity. While most of the town is dead, an important individual holds up in a building waiting for the squad to come and rescue him. After their initial differences and obvious dislike to be used as weapons for a government that they hate, the men finally gel and do some serious damage. In the meanwhile, the nefarious Joker is trying his best to get the love of his life Harley Quinn (Margot Robbie) free from the squad.

Suicide Squad (5)The film is superbly entertaining to start with. The plot moves at a brisk pace. There is a lot of comedy and most of it is circumstantial and makes quite an impact. Robbie as Quinn and Will Smith as Deadshot are extremely likable. Robbie’s essay is so likable and so so in tandem with the feel of the character of Quinn that you instantly fall in love with her. She exudes hotness and dollish charm that’s hard to ignore. Smith, on the other hand, is his wisecracking self who makes the character his own. Not only does he look extremely apt in the action sequences, his portrayal brings some much-needed credibility to a character that is otherwise very one dimensional. Jared Leto as the Joker is a special attraction. He is not there for a very long time but I somehow felt that he was given a role that was long enough. In this context, his essay was better of kept short. He does a good job. There is a great chemistry between him and Quinn. Viola Davis plays an evil good guy and she is good. Joel Kinnaman has the physicality to carry the character of Flag.

The film has enough action to satisfy the action fans and even though most of it is done at nights, its shot with enough flare to let you enjoy it completely. The editing though Suicide Squad (7)choppy at many places still feels ok. The background score has been intentionally made in the manner that it is and it does work for most of the parts. Having said all that, the film does go horribly wrong in the last fifteen-twenty minutes. I would like to jot down point wise the things that I had a problem with.
•    Why does the government send an acrobat, a sharp shooter, a thief, an army man and two other deserving individuals to fight against a force that is superhuman?
•    How do you blast an incantation?
•    How did Harley Quinn know to cut out the heart of the Enchantress?
•    How do you blast a God using explosive minutes after he has made kids work of a furious onslaught?
•    Why did the villains leave Waller alive?
•    Where did Harley get the strength to fight the abominations?
•    Why did she come back after successfully escaping?

Suicide Squad (1)These are just some of the questions that remain unanswered in a film that seems to be in a real hurry to wrap up. The ending felt very hurried and as if the director was on gun point to finish it within two hours. I have seen almost all previous David Ayer films and the man is meticulous with his stuff. He leaves very little to chance.  But here he just steamrolls through the climax almost giving you a feeling of making up the story as he goes. The good work done in the film right up till this point is destroyed within minutes and what we are left with is an underwhelming experience. If it wasn’t for the ending, Suicide Squad could have been a great film. But the terrible and almost inexplicable ending that is plain out stupid pulls the film down completely.

When I walk into a film like this I know that nothing here is supposed to make sense. Its fantasy and in fantasy you are supposed to take things for what they are but it’s impossible to accept that an incantation can be blown up by a bomb. That’s even too much for me to forgive. A few re-writes and some more fantastical logic could have easily nailed the issues for the film. This is the second time in this week that a major Hollywood film has proved to be underwhelming. Suicide Squad was in the making for a long time and the ups and downs of every DC film in between seem to have affected it in some way or the other. That’s never a good thing for a film.

Rating: 3/5 (3 out of 5 Stars)


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