a flying jatt (3)A Flying Jatt is the kind of film that has the potential to put to grave the superhero film genre in India altogether. It is a film that is so stupid, cheesy and above all, so very disrespecting of the audience’s intelligence that watching it will give you brain damage and make you allergenic to Bollywood Films all together. If you ask me what could be worse than Punnet Issar cast as Superman and Dharmendra playing Jor El, I can now safely and almost instantaneously say that it’s “A Flying Jatt”. A film that will be hated even by the kids if they survive it. A film that would make Abhishek Bachchan’s Drona feels like Nolan’s The Dark Knight. A film that is an insult to superhero films even if you call it a spoof.

Everytime I try to review a film, I always try to find out its positives first. Even the worse films have some a flying jatt (2)positives to take home. Here however, I was unable to find a single positive. May be one could say that Tiger Shroff made a spirited show. But even his heroics aren’t enough to resurrect a script that was dead coming out of the pen/keyboard whichever of it it came out of. Let us now dwell on the negatives. Every superhero film has to show us the inception of the superhero. How he came into being. The reason may be scientific, genetic, wealth, training or lineage. The Flying Jatt becomes a superhero after an awkward orgy between a tree, lightning and Nathan Jones who is hilariously called Raka. The very inception makes you laugh and there goes the believability.

a flying jatt (1)The powers of the superhero are another important aspect and it goes on to show what he is capable of and what are his limitations. Here our hero can touch a Sunny Leone DVD and the next moment he breaks into a “Baby Doll” dance routine when he is faced with men who are threatening his life. Even if that was meant to extract laughs, it was distasteful. His source of power is perhaps that one holy tree and that’s about it. The antagonist spends many days in the toxic waste dump of a factory and turns into a super villain.

He gets the ability to absorb pollution and get stronger. Again no explanations of how that happened. It’s laughably amateurish. The worst part is that the villain has absolutely no motive, rhyme or reason for what he does and yet he does it with all his heart. He is controlled by a businessman who interestingly has no reason to have such power over him. Yet he does, right till the end. When Raka finally realizes that he needs him no more and literally evaporates his authority and the money that he was being offered to stop his pollution.

Amrita Singh plays an alcoholic mother to the superhero and you just feel like breaking her neck. She is just so irritating. Every now anda flying jatt (5) then she would go all blah! blah! about the Sikh legacy which, by the way, doesn’t appeal one bit. Her character is so shrill that she gets on your nerves everytime she opens her mouth. Jacqueline Fernandez is disguised as a de-glam diva. I use the word disguised because there are atleast two songs in which she shakes her booty in clothes that flaunt her body and assets and which, by the way, are totally out of context. She gives Amrita Singh strong competition in being the most annoying character but falls short for obvious reasons. Kay Kay Menon did this film for one reason only, money!

a flying jatt (4)The visual effects of the film are some of the worst you will see these days. Every action sequence, every wire work, every green screen is so obvious that you feel like gouging your own eyes out. The climax, which unfolds in space with two humans fighting out without oxygen, takes away the cake. Some of the sets and even the matters they hurl at each other feel fake and cardboard-ish. The flying sequences made me cringe. The 70s Superman had better flying effects. Shaktimaan looked cooler in his “fuck fuck fuck – sound making ” revolutionary movements. In today’s time when Hollywood is spending in billions on visual effects and we are catered the best of the best in terms of technicalities, it was plain stupid to go after a project of this sort without the necessary financial backing to bring a shred of credibility to the settings and characters.

In a film that has a runtime of 150 minutes, there is almost 30 minutes of song and dance routine. Most of it happens in the second half. I have always had issues with songs and dances in films but here the already excruciating pain of sitting through this farce is further made worse by the screeching halts that the songs bring to the proceedings. A Flying Jatt is cinematic kryptonite for the masses. It is the kind of film, that will make you fear the theater and has the ability to single handedly destroy a genre. It is one of the most shameless and pointless assemblage of every known and cherished scenes from Hollywood blockbusters ranging from Superman to X-Men : Days of Future Past.  Stay away from this torture.

Rating : 1/5 (1 out of 5 Star)

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  1. Glad I noticed this to tell the truth. I’m loving the content buddy.


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