mechanic Ressurection (4)Mechanic: Resurrection is a follow up to the 2011 Mechanic film starring Jason Statham and Ben Foster which was in itself a remake of a 1972 Mechanic film Staring Charles Bronson. This is a film which was totally unnecessary. They just didn’t have to make it. If they really felt so very inspired to gun for a sequel, they should have written a better script. This here is a film that is stupid and cliché beyond what suspension of disbelief can let you take in. I never expected anything realistic or brilliantly cinematic from this film but what I got was way inferior to what I have come to expect from a Jason Statham movie. I have seen him in a similar kind of a role probably a dozen times over and over again but he never failed to entertain me except this time around.

Arthur Bishop has settled into a more subdued existence then his days as a Mechanic. However, a contract involving three impossible kills finds its mechanic Ressurection (2)way to him. He refuses. He is baited, he understands the bait and yet somehow falls for the same bait. The bait in question here is Jessica Alba. The villains kidnap Jessica Alba and now force him to undertake the task anyways. He then goes around the globe to kill three men and make them all look like accidents. The rest of the film is a lot of planning and slow fuse executions of the plans as he goes after his targets. What is left to be seen is whether he is able to save the love of his life or not.

I really liked the 2011 version of the Mechanic. It had some real drama and intriguing moments like when Statham and Foster’s character gelled. Moments when they hit targets together and finally when they turned against each other. In this film, however, whatever time is spent on the development of the plot, it is totally wasted. None of us are going to care for the relation between Alba and Statham’s character as it is developed in the space of days. Also, both Statham and Alba feel very aloof of each other and not for a second do you feel that surge of passion that could have rendered their connection real. Once the initial setup is liquidated, the rest just feels like an excuse for letting Statham do what he does. Kick some butt!

Coming to the action, the film has its share of action sequences. That’s hardly a surprise but is it really that good ? I felt not only were the stunts implausible, some of them were mechanic Ressurection (3)just plain idiotic. Jumping from a rope-way car to a hang-glider, a gun that has a clip to accommodate 50 bullets, a grenade that blasts and impacts only what’s in front and makes no damage behind. The list is long and I don’t want you guys to fall asleep. Statham also feels a little slow in his actions. The hand to hand combats are fewer. The physicality of the action is toned down which I could easily feel. I have been following his films since Lock Stock and Two Smoking Barrels. A time when he acted more than he threw around punches.

Mechanic RessurectionStatham’s performance was very flat too. That’s something which is not expected. I could practically see him sleep walk through his romantic sequences with Alba. The planning parts were done with as little fuss as possible. The showdown with Tommy Lee Jones’ character should have been rollicking but is absolutely not. With the action sequences too lacking the power, the film just fell flat on its face. Alba is beautiful and honestly speaking she had nothing to do. So there is just no point lambasting her performance. Ditto can be said about the character of Tommy Lee Jones who is nothing more than an extended cameo.

Overall, Mechanic: Resurrection was a huge disappointment. The lack of credible action, the boring and stupid screenplay and an unexpectedly flat performance from Statham spoilt this film for me. Many are citing the comic one-liners as a good thing for this film and reiterating the fact that how fun this film was. I beg to disagree. I felt that this was a film which would have done well with a similar serious tone that its predecessor had. It just adds insult to injury by trying to be fun instead of physical.

Rating : 2/5 (2 out of 5 Stars)


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