baar-baar-dekho-5In the 2006 film Click, a workaholic architect played by Adam Sandler finds a universal remote that allows him to fast-forward and rewind to different parts of his life. Complications arise when the remote starts to overrule his choices based on the decisions he made in the past. This was an intelligently scripted and fun film with the trademark Adam Sandler humor. Baar Baar Dekho has an uncanny resemblance to Click with Sidharth Malhotra playing a Mathematics Professor instead of an architect and Katrina Kaif playing an art-person with the screenplay going exactly the same way as Click. There is, however, no remote here and it’s just the “dhaga” (thread) that the panditji tied which does all that happens to Sidharth. Panditji has his own reasons for doing what he did as Sidharth questions the sense of all the holy rituals and that surely pisses him off as that’s his bread and butter right?

Sidharth downs a bottle of champagne after having a serious fight with Katrina over marital woes and how he baar-baar-dekho-1doesn’t want to get married even though he was complying up till that point with her. Kat is distraught and leaves him saying that she will never come back again. Sidharth downs the champagne and dozes off. When he wakes up he finds himself already married to Kat and enjoying a honeymoon in Thailand. He sleeps that night and wakes up again the next day to find that 2 years have passed and he is now a father to be. The next jump is even longer and this time, he flashes forward 10 years in life. Then he meets the Panditji again who sort of explains the predicament. Sidharth understands but we the audience don’t. Then he travels back in time. Then again he moves forward. Then again he revisits time to fix everything. Blah! Blah! Blah!

baar-baar-dekho-2That is what the problem is with this film. It is not coherent. The story was unbelievable to start with but that doesn’t mean that the makers wouldn’t even try to make it believable. While Click maintained coherence and had the remote to lay back to for everything, Baar Baar Dekho has no explanations for the time jumps apart from the “dhaga” which frankly speaking doesn’t serve the purpose. A lot is attributed to the divine, who seems to be teaching Sidharth the importance of relationship and how it’s not always about you but balance. The portions of the timeline where Sidharth arrives feels randomly chosen and why only those parts you ask yourself? If that was not enough, the revisiting of the timelines is plain inexplicable and stupid. That’s where the film lost me completely. They could have easily followed a chronological order of the events, had something in the narrative that would explain the time travel but they don’t do that here. The result is a narrative that is exhausting, confused and tries to do too many things but ends up unconvincing and confusing.

Sidharth plays the protagonist sincerely. He looks the part and tries hard to keep the emotional scenes from baar-baar-dekho-3crumbling. The good news is for a large portion, he is able to just that. But the problem with the character is that it’s too close to what he played in Hasee Toh Phasee. There are multiple scenes where memories of that film are revisited even though it’s a different character with different motives. It still strange feels right up the same alley. The makeup towards the end when he has to play an old man ruins the show further. It’s uproariously funny. Katrina Kaif plays what she plays every time, Katrina Kaif! This time, they give her an English mother to justify her accent. It has to be agreed that dubbing for her own voice helps her cause as her character feel a tad bit better in her own voice. She comes out okay in the initial emotional scenes but as the film progress, her character gets more and more annoying. The annoyance level is the highest in the scenes where she is shown pregnant.  The terrible makeup towards the end makes her as laughable as Sidharth.

baar-baar-dekho-6On the brighter side, the film is well shot and has some terrific locales to please your eyes. The music is good and interestingly the songs though forced don’t seem that much of a torture. I loved the “Nach De Ne Saare” track which was both well-timed and well scored. The film could have done better in the editing department. It goes beyond saying that it is probably 20 minutes too long. It could have been edited tighter with a shorter runtime to make it more tolerable. Some of the supporting acts are good too. Ram Kapoor as the father-in-law having an uncanny resemblance to Vijay Mallya is funny in many scenes. Rajit Kapur in a special appearance as the panditji is good.

If you choose not to watch Baar Baar Dekho this week, you will not miss anything. However, if you really want to baar-baar-dekho-4see it, I would advise you to watch Click instead which is much more coherent, funny and effective. Interestingly Click gets the marital issues dealt with much better than Baar Baar Dekho. That’s a sham if you ask me considering the fact that we Indians have a lot more meat as compared to our western counterparts in terms of marriage and its importance in our life and society.

Rating : 2/5 (2 out of 5 Stars)


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