raaz-2-1Raaz: The Mystery Continues is the follow up to Raaz and stars Kangana Ranaut, Emraan Hashmi, and Adhyan Suman. It’s not a sequel or a prequel to the first film and the only common thread between the two is the fact that the story involves a secret buried deep in the past. The “Raaz” of the story is what drives both the narratives. The film was not as big a hit as its previous installment but still did well enough to merit another film in the franchise. An inflated budget in terms of stars, better visual effects and a much more laid out story marked this film which to me was the second best of the franchise.

Yash (Adhyan Suman) is a successful TV director who is known for his hard-hitting shows raaz-2-3exposing the evils of superstition. Nandita (Kangana Ranaut) is his model lady love. The two get back together after a hiatus when Yash wins a TV Award and dedicates it to her. Once they get together, Nandita stars getting harassed by a spirit that literally cuts her wrist in the bathtub. Prithvi (Emraan Hashmi) is an artist who has premonitions of the different accidents that Nandita later falls into. He draws the situations and follows her everywhere so that he can save her in the nick of time.

raaz-2-2During the same period, a bunch of other people starts getting killed in similar fashion. Prithvi unlocks a common thread between the victims and Nandita and tells her to go to a place called Kalindi where she might just find answers to her haunting. In the meantime, the recurring nuisance in their relation has its toll and Yash breaks away from Nandita. She now only has Prithvi to help her get her life back. Once in Kalindi, Nandita understands her reasons for the haunting and uncovers a massive plot that may have affected thousands of people. A plot that has Nandita at its helm.

This is a pretty straightforward and simplistic film with a few decent scares here and there. One has to watch this film in the theater to be the least bit scared by its antiques. I will dwell on its positives before diving into the negatives of which there are innumerous. Emraan Hashmi is one of the best things about the film. He is a good actor who has been pushed into some of the worst roles that there is. He has been typecast and has even been a serial kisser (which I don’t think he minds much). Here he is a picture of confidence. In a changed avatar, for once, he gets to play second fiddle to a guy who actually has the girl that he clearly desires. You can see a sense of seriousness in his essay and he actually takes his character seriously which goes a long way ensuring that the fear, anxiety, and restlessness of the character comes out real.

Kangana at that time was playing a drunkard and psycho quite often and this role of a raaz-2-4demented girl is rather close to her comfort zone. Naturally, she brings her “A” game to film. The horrors become more real when she enacts her fear in them. She is also a picture of helplessness in the film. The chemistry between her and Emraan is great and it gives us some of the best scenes of the film. The film boasts of better visual effects even though the buffalo sequence was a catastrophe. The fakeness of the visual was easily noticeable even though the director shot it at night and used the blacks and the blueish halos as a cover-up. It didn’t work. The music here is great. The songs though out of context and unnecessary are soothing to the ear and are probably the only things in the film that let you take a breath.

raaz-2-1Coming to the negatives, Adhyan Suman is the biggest let down of the film. He can’t act, he can’t deliver dialogs, he can’t dance and worst of all, he looks funny. He is like a dead weight in the film that literally pulls the film down into the gutter. With him around, one doesn’t need to point out any more flaws in the film. The fact that he is given a lot of screen time is also one of the worst mistakes that Mohit Suri makes. Next, the story is done to death. It is a compilation of some of the most common and randomly used horror clichés that one can imagine. It has absolutely nothing new to offer to the horror fans though one can say that it works better like a thriller that occasionally scares. Even though it’s a horror film and I shouldn’t be talking about believability, there are some scenes and prolonged sequences that are just too much to fathom. It is tedious even to write about all those down here. Suffice is to say that you are bound to find some scene or the other too much to fathom and you will cry out loud, “what the hell just happened?”

Overall, Raaz: The Mystery Continues is a harmless fair if you can switch off your brain and also be able to tolerate Adhyan Suman’s acting if you may call it so. I liked it in parts. The suspense that the film is able to generate like its predecessor is a good thing for it and that’s probably the only thing apart from the spirited show from Kangana and Emran that keep the film going. You may watch this film but expect nothing more than assembly line stuff.

Rating: 2.5/5 (2.5 out of 5 Stars)


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