raaz-reboot-1Raaz 4 or Raaz Reboot as it is horrendously called, is by far the weakest film of the franchise and it’s not difficult to imagine why. The name of a film is by which the audience connects with it, to start with. When you call a film Raaz Reboot, it just goes on to show how less you actually care for it. The rest of the film is just an assemblage of every tried and tested motif, character and formula that the Raaz franchise had to offer over the year. The fc*k ugly CGI crow from the first Raaz film makes a comeback. It was at this sequence, for the first time, in a horror film in my life that I burst into a laughter. The smile came back again when the pretty heroine of the film, Kriti Kharbanda twisted and elevated her hip and turned her face square as a sign of being possessed.

The story revolves around a married couple who arrive in Romania on an official assignment. The husband Gaurav Arora starts acting strangeraaz-reboot-2 once they reach Romania. The wife, Kriti Kharbanda tries to reach out to him but he shuns her out. Kriti soon starts getting psyched about the terrorizing manifestations that lurk around every corner of the that house they are staying in. Gaurav is oblivious to her repeated complaints. Kriti’s ex-flame, Emraan, comes back to her life at this juncture and tells her that he can help her deal with the manifestations in her home. He also tells her that her husband is hiding a secret from her. Gaurav leaves on a two-day trip and by the time he comes back, Kriti is totally possessed by an unholy spirit. Now he has to find a way to save her life, free her of the evil and also rekindle their long lost love.

raaz-reboot-3The director tries to play with the timeline to keep the story interesting and also to lead the audience away on a wild goose chase while the real plot is cooking someplace else. If the film had stuck to a straightforward narrative, it would have been an even bigger debacle. The back and forth in the timeline helps keep some interest in the narrative. The only other plus of the film is Gaurav Arora’s act. The man tries to play his character with gusto and is somewhat believable in his act. His performance adds some credence to a faltering film. The music too is bearable.

Coming to the negatives, the film is not at all scary. It’s made so poorly and the tricks and scares are so redundant that at many junctures it turns out funny. The worst thing that can happen to a horror film is that it can tickle your funny bones. You connect with none of the characters and never for once feel a thing for their tragedy. That takes away the tension and also totally liquidates the drama. Once that is out of the way, the film only appears as a shallow assemblage of set pieces. The set pieces too are boring and have been done before so many times that they leave absolutely nothing for you to take notice of. Emraan Hashmi’s character is as irritating as he is a douchebag. From the very first time that he makes an appearance you know that he is up to something and being the noble helper of girls that he is, you want him to get pummeled. But that takes almost the complete runtime of the film.

Kriti Kharbanda is cute. I will give her that but that’s all about her. She is unable to extract any emotions from her audiences and her fear and acts of insanity feel totally out of raaz-reboot-4place. For that, I will blame the director more than her but as an actor, she never does anything to help the matter. She is just a show piece and she remains that way all the way through. Interestingly enough, this is the first Raaz film that gets boring somewhere in between. I never found any of the previous Raaz films to be boring but this one took me by surprise when I found myself checking my watch atleast a few times throughout the screening. Every previous Raaz film had a thrilling or at least interesting story to tell that unfolded in the midst of the horror. After the screening of this one, the audiences are bound to ask themselves, “That’s it? That’s what it was all about?” Frankly speaking, I felt cheated after the “Raaz” was revealed.

raaz-reboot-5I saw Raaz Reboot two days ago and I was just unable to get myself to write this review as I felt bored even to write about this terrible film. Then I thought that between me writing this review and the people who read my reviews before watching a film, many an innocent soul would fall prey to this monstrosity unless I kept my willingness aside and did something for the people who read my reviews. So here is my review for this film. Guy, if you are to take my words, please don’t watch this film. It will save some valuable time and money of your life. Watch Pink twice instead.

Rating : 1/5 (1 out of 5 Stars)


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