DANGAL (2016) – Trailer Review

dangalI generally don’t do trailer reviews but I have been waiting for this trailer since the first poster of the film surfaced. Sultan came in between and watching the lethargic action sequences, I kept asking myself weather Mr. Perfectionist, Aamir Khan would be able to deliver a better picture or would it be another Dhoom 3. For now, suffice is to say that the trailer is looking pretty good. A 3 minutes 25 seconds long trailer shows the entire plot of the film with some crisply edited and well scored action sequences including one showing Aamir flexing those muscles that were so gleefully lapped up by the social media.

The film has an undercurrent of women empowerment running strong which is made evident by the change of Phogat’s character’s thoughts on the women through the trailer (maine jo sapna dekha hai who ek beta hi pura kar sake hai ——mhari choriya choro se kam hai ke?). There are also hints to the daughters rebelling against the man and brief shots of him fighting the two. There are scenes of glory which are definitely going to be the highlights of the film and also some references to Phogat being a coach who puts an onus only on wrestling for his daughters shutting all others windows for them. That’s a potent recipe for some simmering drama. Coupled with the superb looking action sequences and a pulsating background score, Dangal is looking mighty great out there.

The transformations of Aamir’s character is also shown in bits and pieces. It can be said that the trailer does reveal a lot more than what it should have but when the visuals on display are so eye-catchy then who am I to complain. Also supporting the case is the fact that all you need to do to know about the plot of the film is google “Mahavir Singh Phogat”. Dangal could just be another sweeping tale with Aamir at his very best. I am totally hooked and waiting eagerly for this one.


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