BEFIKRE (2016)

befikre-1I wasn’t expecting anything good from Befikre and it turns out to be even more horrendous than what I thought it would turn out to be. Aditya Chopra’s return to the director’s chair is a mish-mash of all pseudo and pretentious “we don’t believe in love but in lust” movies and it laboriously crams so much of vile and boring content into one runtime that by the time the film ends, you feel like to puke. The story, if we could call it so, involves a standup comic and a tour guide in France who meet and just start humping each other. The dude is from India and is looking to get laid only. The girl is an Indian but wants to be known as French. We have no idea of her background with love but it seems she wants no ties attached too. The rest of the movie is about them humping each other, temporarily hating each other, then getting back as friends and then finally screwing their respective bride and groom to be together once again.

It has some of the most cringe-worthy dialogues that I have heard in a long long time. The girl tells her mother in a scene that was meant to be befikre-2emotional that she stopped taking “Gobi ka Paratha” as tiffin because, in her school, her friends cringed at its smell and left her alone. So she started taking Peanut butter sandwich and voila! Her friends were back. We are expected to sympathize with her and this conversation. The dude, in the end, says that he cannot live without her and that he loves her but a few scenes before he was ramming a blond in the same yacht that her love was also in. The track of both the friends getting hitched on the same date is horrendously recreated with zero effect.

befikre-5In a film like this, the parents generally have a pivotal role. They make entries in key situations and steer the boat for their sons and daughter. Who can forget the terrific essay of Anupam Kher in “Dil Hain Ke Manta Nahin”. But not here. It’s blasphemous to expect anything that remotely resembles quality in a film like this. The parents here are reduced to the caricature of their selves and don’t even serve as comic relief. The definition of the characters and the whole plot of the film is so unrealistic and almost irritating that you are bound to feel nauseated. The audience never for once is invested in the tale of Dharam and Shyra and that I believe is the single biggest drawback of this film.

Ranveer Singh is genuinely whacky and he extracts some laughs purely on the merits of his own performance. He looks supremely confident playing the leach that his character isbefikre-4 and his confidence brings a whisker of a charm to a character that is unbelievable and one-dimensional. Vaani Kapoor looks pretty and even though her character is the worst written of the lot, scores some points through her performance. She should really be more careful choosing films. These are the sort of films that can really destroy your fan base. Befikre has been marketed as a sensual and hot film owing to its initial posters and the subject matter. But when you see this film, you realize that it is extremely superficial about it. It shows your Ranveer’s butt in a sequence but there is really no sensual chemistry between the two that could soar the thermometers.

befikre-3The film has too many songs for the liking and the music is so bland and toothless that you feel like hanging yourself every time a song starts. Same can be said about the background score. However, the film does have some beautiful cinematography which I believe will be lost under the rubble of the films discrepancies. Befikre is not funny. It’s not affecting. It’s not lovable. It’s not related-able. What it is ….is a bloody disaster. I am not going to waste any more words on it and urge you all to not waste your money and time on it.

Rating: 1/5 (1 out of 5 Stars)


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