OK JAANU (2017)

ok-jaanu-1OK Jaanu is a film that has terrific performances from its leading pair of Aditya Roy Kapoor and Shraddha Kapoor. Their chemistry is simmering and cannot be ignored. The moments that they share in each other’s company attains individual meaning and they are easily enjoyable when you look at them as standalone moments. However the problem with the film starts when you try to put together those individual moments and try to see a film out of it. The film takes a path so ordinary and over-treaded that you simply find it tedious after the charisma of the leading pair wears off. What we are left holding is two hours of been there seen it before cinema that is nothing more than the trillion similar films that we have seen over the years.

Adi (Adiyta Roy Kapoor) is a budding video game developer who has just pitched an idea for a new video game andok-jaanu-2 is waiting for a positive response. Tara is an architect who has just made it to a hot shot firm and is waiting to go to Paris for higher studies. The two meet after a very poorly done sequence where Adi apparently saves Tara from committing suicide. As the couple meet, sparks immediately start flying and they soon end up in a live-in-relationship. Eighty percent of the film spent in building this much. The rest of the twenty percent which also happens to be the most jarring and plain out stupid is about what the couple does after they both land up with their dream assignments and have to move out of the relationship to move to US and Paris respectively.

ok-jaanu-3The initial scenes where the couple hit on each other is amusing. Propelled by fresh performances from Aditya Roy Kapoor and Shraddha, these sequences attain meaning and bring a smile or two on your face. Your appetite is wetted for more and you are keenly anticipating something great to happen but alas! That just doesn’t happen. The film carries forward in the same gear well beyond the second half. You are jolted from your sleep, induced by a stagnate screenplay, once or twice by a song that feels forced or by the scenes featuring Naseeruddin Shah and Leela Samson which I felt was absolutely unnecessary. Every time these two people came on screen the narrative further screeched to a halt. That’s however not a reflection on their performances though.

The manner in which the film approaches its climax is even more bland and plain out stupid. The two develop ok-jaanu-4strong feelings for each other and yet they keep hamming the “we are free” bullshit to the level where it starts getting on your nerves. The reasons for the two to be so much anti-marriage is also not duly explained and hence the only saving grace proves to be the likeable act of Aditya and Shraddha without whose chemistry the film would have gone down the gutter. OK Jaanu is a remake of a Tamil Mani Ratnam film O Kadhal Kanmani, which begs to ask the question that why remake this film. Here is a story that we have seen and heard zillions of times in different mediums. If at all we are to remake a film, why not remake a film that is less common.

ok-jaanu-5On the positive side, the film boasts of some beautiful cinematography. Every Mani Ratnam film has this one factor in common and OK Jaanu, even though directed by Shaad Ali, is no exception.  The songs and dance sequences feel the most vitalized by a vibrant color palate. The scenes in Mumbai locales are also captured beautifully. Close ups are used extensively but never feel irritating. The visual effects that make up the portions involving the game that Adi is making is beautifully done. It has a very GTA sort of feeling to it and I just loved it. However they were unsuccessful in their effort to tie the content of the game with what was happening in the relationship between the protagonists. Their efforts to tie the romance of Adi and Tara with the withering romance of Nasiruddin Shah and Leela Samson also fails miserably. There is just no feel for the characters and it soon becomes boring. However Nasir and Leela do their parts with vigor. It’s not their performences that spoils the fun but the manner in which their characters are written.

Overall, OK Jaanu is a miss-able fair. Sans the performances of Aditya and Shraddha, there is hardly anything else to look forward to in this film. The die-hard romantics may enjoy it in parts or those who are in a similar predicament. For the rest it is plain boring.

Rating : 2/5 (2 out of 5 Stars)


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