the-lego-batman-movie-4The Lego Batman movie is brimming with energy and sarcasm from start to finish. It is in fact so fast paced that I was having a nightmare trying to keep up with it. The film is also one of the most sarcastic movies to have come out in a long long time. Essentially it is a spoof. A very well done spoof that involves the whole Batman universe and a lot of the stuff that many of us including me never knew existed. It is so jam-packed with jokes and puns that after a while you feel dizzy. Also, it employs the same style of stop-motion-lego animation that we had in The Lego Movie and it’s done as best as it could be done.

The story revolves around Batman (Will Arnett) who has to contain with not only almost all the villains that he has ever faced before in a movie the-lego-batman-movie-2including the nefarious Joker (Zach Galifianakis) who wants him to acknowledge the fact that he is the greatest villain that Batman has ever faced but also play a father for the recently adopted Dick aka Robin (Michael Cera) whom he adopted in a moment of daze. Batman is a loner in this film and he wants to remain that way. It becomes evident that he never wants to face the kind of pain that he had to endure when he lost his parents. But the manner in which he lays that out on the others portrays him as a real “di*k” and that’s also where most of the situational comedy comes from.

the-lego-batman-movie-1The film is filled with wit and sarcasm and to be able to understand the puns you must know the characters, the films that have been made about them and also a whole lot of other films primarily ones that were produced by Warner Bros. The film starts off cracking fun at the way most of the superhero films begins, next you have a password that says “Iron Man Sucks” and then you have villains ranging from Sauron, Godzilla, Voldemort and even Dinosaurs from the Jurassic Park making an appearance. As the film progresses you have a flurry of other references and puns intended for superhero films and innumerous situations and sequences that we have seen in Batman films.

Even though this film is being loved and applauded by one and all, I didn’t like it as much as I thought I would like it. First and foremost, the stop motion-lego-animation style is just not appealing to me. I know that’s how these films are but I just don’t like it. Even though this film is ravishingly animated and is so colorful that practically every frame is dripping wet with digital paint if I may call it so, I just couldn’t emotionally connect with the characters. That in turns resulted in me missing a lot of the subtext that the makers might have intended to under run with the screenplay.

My next issue with the film was its speed. It’s so so fast that its speed doesn’t let you enjoy some of the nuances of the comedy and also makes you dizzy. It may not be a pressing 070ac_140_layerpack_review_stereo_v002.1975issue for many but for me it was. I got the comedy but before I could react to a joke or a pun, the film had already moved ahead to another and then before I could reach that joke or pun, it had already moved to another. Thus even in an abundance of jokes and humor, the film felt dry and morbid to me at many junctures. There is a period in the first half when it slows down a bit and I thought now it would become more accessible to me but that was also the period which was devoid of the jokes and gags that are the USPs of this film.

the-lego-batman-movie-6Post the interval, the film again gets into top gear and there remains hardly any chance for you to try and take in the comedy. It must also be noted that the second half is more about the action which by the way is spectacularly done. Here also, I had the same issues with the animations that I had with the rest of the characters. I cannot imagine a fire made up of LEGO blocks and it just doesn’t appeal to my senses. Once that comes in the way, this film becomes very difficult to enjoy and appreciate. However, this may not be the case with one and all. I believe a large chunk of the people will love this film and they will be correct in doing so. If you like The Lego Movie, you are bound to love this one. It’s bigger, it’s better and it’s funnier. They haven’t left a single trick in the book to make it a rousing affair for all those who are a fan of this type of films.

So for the fans of LEGO, just go ahead and watch this film, you will love it. For those who didn’t like the LEGO movie, you may skip this one as it’s of the same type but with more comedy, action and a much larger scale. However, it would not be a bad idea to watch his one as you may like it and acquire a new taste in animation.

Rating : 3/5 (3 out of 5 Stars)

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  1. Christopher Nolan says:

    My batman was better


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