LOGAN (2017)

logan-1Logan is slated to be Hugh Jackman’s last appearance as Wolverine. The last two Wolverine films were really bad and even though Jackman was the only thing good about them, Logan had to be extremely good to give a befitting goodbye to Jackman who has not only been great as Wolverine in every X-Men film till date but has in many ways turned over the character of Wolverine on its tail with his own representation of the subject at hand. This in many cases would have gone bad but in this rare case, people loved his representation and even the comic book purist had very little to complain about his essay. So when the trailer of Logan aired and it was also made evident that this one will be a rated “R” film, I for once got really really excited.

Logan tells the story of Logan (Hugh Jackman) who is finally getting old. His self-recovery isn’t all that fast and something from within is killing him logan-6gradually. He is taking care of Professor Charles Xavier who is also in depleting mental and physical condition. His plan is to save enough money driving a Limo to buy a luxury cruise and once and for all move to the sea. All is going according to plan when he is suddenly trusted into a predicament where he has to play daddy to a kid who seems to have the same set of skills that he does and is being hunted by a company that created her and many others like her. The rest of the film is about how he saves her and drops her over to a point of safety.

logan-5Let me start by speaking of the positives. Unlike the other X-Men films, this one is brutal and bloody. This is easily the most violent film of the series and it leaves nothing to the imagination. There are multiple scenes that are so bloody that you will be surprised. Wolverine cuts slashes and decapitates his way through crowds of mercenaries and some thieves too. Even the little girl is shown to be so ultra-violent that you will be shocked and awed by her brutality. There are some scenes of extreme cruelty that feature the girl. One sequence that caught me by surprise was when an arrow attached to a chain is shown piercing her heart which then is pulled at. That was something that I was not expecting. Every action sequence featuring Wolverine has a lot and lot of bloodshed and it’s uncharacteristically brutal. However, apart from one CGI-Wolverine in the very end, the action sequences remain terrific.

logan-4Hugh Jackman and Patrick Stewart are great in their essays. Jackman is very confident and comfortable with the character that he has made his own. What I loved about his act this time was the amount of restraint that he showed till the very end. He plays vulnerable in a manner that is in keeping with Wolverine’s image and yet is very believable. Patrick Stewart, the man who characterized suave and cool all this while looks like a wreck and he does an extremely convincing job at that. His discussions with Logan are funny and sad at the same time. Dafne Keen plays the little girl. She is the most badass character in this film. I just loved the scene where she was almost going to decapitate a shopkeeper when he tried to stop her from doing her wish. Her moments with Logan’s character are warm and funny in an X-Men sort of a way.

logan-2Coming to the deficiencies of the film, there are a lot. First and foremost, this film should have been at least twenty minutes shorter. The whole episode at the house of a black family feels forced. They could have thought of a better way to show the fight between Wolverine and another equally brutal character. The film starts with a great action sequence and then there is a huge lull. The story progresses real slow before some action happens again and this time the little girl is in the centre stage but not Wolverine. Post this; there is a lull again before we have some more action. These spates of quite between the action sequences really get on your nerves. The fact remains that neither they have anything affecting to show in these sequences nor do they have much of drama unfolding. Hence these sequences feel bland and boring. You keep thinking when will the next action sequence happen and that takes away a lot from the film.

The character of Pierce played by Boyd Holbrook is the prime adversary to Wolverine for the most part of the film. He is weak and is hardly a match for Wolverine which in turnslogan-3 takes away a lot from the action sequences. The character of Caliban is also undernourished and poorly done. The film’s pacing is on and off at places as I had mentioned before and the CGI towards the end is very poorly done. The scene where Wolverine takes a booster and comes back to help some children was so poorly done that you will have a feel similar to the one you had when you watched “Neo” in “Matrix Reloaded” fighting hundreds of Smiths.

Overall, Logan could have been a great film but falls short because of the lingering problems mentioned above. It is still a hell of a ride with some scintillating action sequences that are bound to make you stand up and take notice. It’s a worthy one time watch and the fans may watch it a few times more too.

Rating : 3/5 (3 out of 5 Stars)


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