SARKAR 3 (2017)

I was really pumped for Sarkar 3. I really was. Contrary to what the rest of the country had to say about this film, I was really looking forward to it. The first two Sarkar films were quite good. I enjoyed them and even though these films were not even half as good as some of Ram Gopal Varma’s earlier efforts like Shiva, Satya or Company, they still had their heart in the right place. The drama was interesting. The performances were good and the plot engaging. But that’s not the case with Sarkar 3. What we have here is a film that is so amateurish in its treatment of a half-baked uninteresting plot that you cannot help but despise it.

Sarkar 3 starts with an “I am trying to be fiery” speech from the man himself where he ascertains the fact that if he has a mala (garlands) in one hand, he has a bhala (spear) in the other. This statement felt cringe worthy in the context where it is put out. Next, we have another man come up with a multi-crore project to Sarkar without whose support the project cannot be materialized. If you care to remember, the was the plot of the first two Sarkar films as well. Obviously, Sarkar says no and the rest of the film is about how his adversaries try to overthrow him to get their dirty business done. In the midst of all this, we have Shivaji Nagre (Amit Sadh), the son of Vishnu Nagre and grandson of Sarkar.

He violently oscillates between good, bad and doubtful throughout the film before he finally gets to the place where he belongs. He is of dubious believability quotient and he hangs around with Annu (Yami Gautam), who we are told is on the lookout for revenge on Sarkar for he had killed her father. Shivaji says that he is loyal to Sarkar but what we see is a far cry from that. Therein lies the only interesting factor of the film which is unfortunately pulled to its limits. We also have a corrupt politician played by Manoj Bajpayee who is trying to overthrow Sarkar from his position of power so that he can himself assume power. There is also the smart talking businessman Michael Vallya played by Jackie Shroff who does nothing but mouth wisecracks and caresses his girlfriend if at all you can call her that.

Sarkar 3 is an exercise in excess. I will start off with the background score that is fiendishly loud and unapologetic. Practically every scene has some background score or the other which tries to bludgeon some feeling or the other into your mind. This gets on your nerves from the very first scene where Amitabh Bachchan is shown delivering the mala-bhala speech. Next would be the over the top performances. It takes special power to make actors like Manoj Bajpayee, Ronit Roy or even Jackie Shroff to overdo themselves the way they are made to in this film. Bajpayee is one of my favorite actors of Bollywood these days and he is an extremely bankable star but in this film, he hams and hams and hams a lot more. Ronit Roy shows his disdain and frustration for Shivaji and affability for Sarkar so much that you feel like shutting him up. Jackie Shroff is plain over the top in the worst way possible and flat out boring in certain other sequences. Amitabh Bachchan is too good an actor to even fall in a disaster like this and he comes pretty close to failing but is rescued by his brooding persona and unrelenting charm. Amit Sadh is average and so is Yami Gautam.

The film has absolutely no novelty whatsoever in its repertoire to deserve your attention. We feel bored as we sit through the narrative. None of the characters make you care and not a single scene in the film is intriguing. No matter how hard you try to like this film, it does exceedingly well to make you hate it. There isn’t a shred of credibility to its narrative and the facts that are shown on screen. Cut marks come and go as if they had legs. Tattoos change sides as per their sweet will and even the most inane of scenes are forcefully elevated by jarring background score and pathetic overacting. That’s Sarkar 3 for you. I was really hopeful about this film. I am a Ram Gopal Varma fan and even after this, I still am but I guess one more film of this type will be the end of it.

Rating : 1/5 (1 out of 5 stars)



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