Wajah Tum Ho appeared to me as an interesting guilty pleasure watch when its trailers were out and after watching this film after rather long, I can safely say that I was right. What we have here is a film that is heavily inspired from the Hollywood flick Untraceable but successfully indianises the content to the extent that it is almost unrecognizable. This would have been a good film had the performances been a whisker closer to acting, had they been a little more practical in their approach (not spoiling the fun in any way though) and had it had a few more tricks up its sleeve.

The story revolves around a series of mysterious murders that are being telecast live on a channel. The incidents send shivers down the spine of both media and law enforcement. Kabir (Sharman Joshi) is the investigating officer and he believes that it is the handiwork of owner of the channel, Rahul (Rajneesh Duggal), on which the murders are being telecast. If not guilty, Kabir believes that he must have something to do with the murders atleast. Defending Rahul is Siya (Sana Khan), a feisty lawyer who is working for Rahul but has been successfully avoiding his sexual advances. For the police, the prosecutor is Ranbir (Gurmeet Choudhary) who also happens to be Siya’s lover. As the story progresses we see how Siya is convinced with Rahul’s innocence and how that brings about distances between her and Ranbir as Ranbir is convinced that Rahul is dirty. Kabir on the other hand is busy with his investigation and his investigation takes him to someone who was once wronged by Rahul and has the ability and reasons to do what was happening.

There are certain things about the film that really grasps your attention. It has an interesting story to tell. Had I not previously seen Untraceable, this would have appeared as a novel concept for me. But even with the prior knowledge, this story still grasped my attention which was obviously a good thing. Next, the screenplay, though crude had some real punches. The start was unlike anything that I had seen in Bollywood for a while now. The speed of the narrative and the crass dialogs kept things rolling. I was also entertained by the multiple sexual innuendoes between Sana and Gurmeet. Sana left no stone unturned to entice the audiences with her sexuality. While the songs were the highlight, she tried to ooze sensuality in even in the most inane of scenes.

That brings me to the performances. Sana Khan is terrible in her dialog delivery and acting alike. She is so superficial and unreal that she constantly keeps taking you away from the narrative. While her sexy moves may be enticing and even mouthwatering for many, her performance is the biggest let down for the plot and the film. It literally brings down the believability factor of the film. The next actor responsible for a similar crime is Gurmeet. He is not a good actor. We all are aware of that fact but he could have tried harder. Apart from the songs, he has practically no chemistry with Sana. There are a few courtroom sequences that are so horrendously done that you will laugh out loud. The scenes give you the feeling of a couple fighting over un-ordered pizza instead of a courtroom tussle. That sequences really made me feel sorry for the actors as it revealed their utter lack of guile.

Sharman Joshi is a comedian. We know him best for his comic roles and that weighs down on his role here. He does the best as far as the performances are concerned but every time he tries to act serious, he ends up making a somewhat mockery of the feelings that he tries to convey. Rajneesh Duggal does well in what he is hired to do. He doesn’t have too long a role but is able to send the feel of his character across. I believe that he has actually come a long way from his debut. He has grown in confidence of the years and that shows in his performances and also the choices that he has been making over the years.

If you look at this film as a straightforward guilty pleasure then chances are that you will rather enjoy it. If you are nit-picky about the performances and the content, chances are you will be in loss of words to ridicule it. On its defense what can be said is that it has an interesting plot. It has a heroine who shed as much cloth as one could ask for in a Bollywood film. It has some interesting twists and turns and also some gore. Hence my grades for this film will only be a reflection on its cinematic quality. In terms of entertainment, it is still a very watchable film if you are looking for what I mentioned above. You can try this film on one of those days when you have nothing else to watch.

Rating : 2.5 (2.5 Stars out of 5)



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