THE MUMMY (2017) 3D

A Mummy has been resurrected again and this time it’s a princess. A very hot and angry princess if I may add. This time it’s Tom Cruise in the lead and we also have Russel Crowe albeit in a smallish role. The Mummy is everything that you expect a Mummy film to be. Keep your expectations reasonable and you will have a great time with this film. The story revolves around Nick (Cruise) an archeological treasure hunter who is sort of dick himself. On an expedition in Iraq, he lands into an ancient prison that was built to hold an uncontrollable evil.

As he digs up the Egyptian princess Ahmanet (Sofia Boutella), who was imprisoned for murdering her father and her brother, little does he know that she will be using him as the vessel to bring the Egyptian God of Death, Set, back to life. Helping him in his quest to rid himself of the curse is Jenny (Annabelle Wallis), an archeologist who at first hated Nick but then was saved by him. Also in the thick of things is a mysterious doctor Henry Jekyll (Russel Crowe). Jekyll wants to understand the scheme of Ahmanet and in doing that he is even willing to sacrifice Nick. What happens next forms the crux of the narrative.

The Mummy is uproariously entertaining. The story moves so quickly from one point to the other that you are never bored for even a second. The film starts with a prolog that puts everything in the right perspective. You understand the evil that Nick is dealing with and you also understand why she is such a threat. As we go along the story remains simple and linear but at the same time keeps you interested in the proceedings thanks to so terrific performances from Cruise and Wallis. They share a great chemistry and Cruise seems to be getting better and better with age. Here there are many sequences that are elevated simply by his persona and his charming act. Not to mention the fact that he does most of his stunts himself and that gives the director enough leverage to shoot certain scenes in ways that wouldn’t have been possible with a body double.

This is a gorgeous looking film. Every sequence is so well envisioned and is brimming with such visual taste that you can watch this film for its astounding visuals alone. The catacombs of London, the deserts of Iraq and the even the innards of the intricately designed lab of Dr. Jekyll will leave a lasting impression on you. The action sequences which comprise mostly of chase sequences are done wonderfully well. There is a certain amount of physicality to the action sequences that found an audience with me. You repeatedly feel that Ahmanet and her goons are much more powerful than the good guys and that they can at any time finish them off. This feeling makes the action sequences even more terrifying.

Sofia Boutella is not just a pretty face but has a varied range of expression which really helps carry her character forwards. She is no mug to negative roles.  You all know what I mean if you have seen Kingsman: The Secret Service where she played the feisty yet deadly Gazelle. Here she has to contend with a lot of makeup to look like a prehistoric mummy but even through the veil of that make-up, she is able to transpose her feelings and expressions successfully to you. That was no mean feat. She is also appropriately scary when she has to be. Russel Crowe has a smallish role but he oozes charm in that bit as well. I felt that the Hyde transformation was underdone to an extent and could have easily been one of the high points of the film. But that doesn’t take away anything from his act. Annabelle Wallis shared a great chemistry with Cruise and she is an apt choice for the role.

Overall, we all know what to expect from a Mummy film right? Well, it’s popcorn fun that just has to entertain you for the duration of its runtime. If it is able to do that then it has served its purpose. None of us should be expecting Oscar-fare from this film and yes! It is out of its mind. The film has not a shred of logic to it and that’s what gives it the liberty to do as it pleases. Well, that worked for me. However, if you are the kind who will be looking for reason, logic, and believability in this film then it’s best for you to skip this one. However, if you want to throw away your inhibitions and let a film entertain you with its quirky performances, spellbinding action and visceral visuals then you may give this film a chance. Chances are you will not be disappointed.

Rating : 3/5 (3 out of 5 Stars)



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