RAABTA (2017)

Holysh#t! The art of film making must be rolling in its grave and whimpering with a similar feeling to what I experienced watching Raabta. I am a lover of cinema. I have done some really crazy stuff to watch films. I ran into tussles with my bosses at work for catching a Friday screening. I have lied, fought and even stole to watch films. They are not merely entertainment for me. They are a lot more. They are an integral part of my life. I, sometimes later in my life, would like to make films. For now, I have made over 20 short films. I watch films, I examine them and I try to find out the subtle nuances in these films thereby gaining knowledge and bathing in the pool of vibrant and visceral imagery and sound. However, everytime a film like Raabta comes out, I feel violated in the most uncomfortable of fashions.

This is not a film but a tight slap on the face of everything that we call cinema. A recycled plot, a hackneyed screenplay, overall terrible performances and an equally bizarre finale make this one of those rare films that have absolutely nothing going in its favor. You know something is wrong with a film, when you start checking your watch 15 minutes into a film. The film starts with an overtly pretentious affair between its lead pair which will get on your nerves from the very first dialogue. While the dude thinks he is uber cool and irresistible he is in fact at best passable. The girl is in fact too horny to be able to just tell him no. Some songs later, the two have fallen eternally in love with each other. This happens after a series of cliché ex-boyfriend bashing that you have seen a zillion times. They also make it a point to inject some dream sequences which they can later tie into the “Punar Janam”(rebirth) bullshit.

By the interval point, the so–called villain makes an entry. He woos the girl and she gets wooed to the extent that she goes to a party with him and gets drunk and passes out. He then kidnaps her and takes her to his private Island where in trying to escape the girl falls into the sea and remembers her past life. And thus starts the worst part of the film. In this part, Sushant Singh Rajput is an obnoxiously overacting tribal whose race has attacked Kriti Sanon’s race. To avoid war, Kriti goes for the most pretentious face off that you will ever see and looses gloriously. Sushant now has her but her jilted lover who was reborn as the villain in the recent times kills Sushant, “Dhoke se” and she dies trying to save him as she has fallen for his rustic overacted charms. The film then swirls back into present time where Sushant searches out his love, fights a little, jokes a little, runs a little and the kills then bad guy and they live happily ever after.

When someone makes a film, the primary question should be why that person is making the film in the first place. Is it the story, is it the performances, is it the entertainment or is it the inspiration. If the director had asked himself these questions we would have been spared of the torture of watching this film. There isn’t anything original about this film. Not for a second do you take the characters seriously. How can you take them seriously when each and every one of them is so very pretentious, so precariously written and so horribly acted? There isn’t a single scene which can justify the love stories. When in a love story, the love story itself is under question and disbelief, what chance the film has? And in the midst of all this, the director introduces Deepika Padukone to infuse some interest and oomph. Shockingly he concentrates on her bare legs as if that’s what we paid to see. This action of the director shows his utter lack of belief in the film that he was making. Why else would he need gimmicks like this? So if you, the maker, don’t believe in your film, why should we?

This is easily Sushant Singh Rajput’s worst performance till date. He is bearable as the modern guy Shiv but the character of the tribal is horrendous and he acts terribly too. The swirls of the head and the heavy voice will make you laugh out loud. Kriti Sanon is equally irritating in both her avatars. I cannot say a single good thing about her act. Her character is so poorly written that even the best of actresses would not be able to save the character. Jim Sarbh plays the villain  & is stereotypical and idiotic in his act. His discomfort with the Hindi is another added charm to a long list of LOLs. Its impossible to imagine that he is the same guy who did so well in Neerja. It’s better that I don’t talk about Rajkumar Rao’s character who is made a caricature of himself and is unrecognizable. I fail to understand what made him do this film. I never say this for any film but for this film, I have to say that don’t watch this film. You have to save yourselves from this torture. No one in the world can like this film. Absolutely no one. Miss this film for sure.

Rating : 0/5 (0 out of 5 Stars)


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