Power Rangers is a film that was on the horizon for a while now and it was only a matter of time before it was made. Every film pertaining to every superhuman character is getting made these days. Its no wonder that the Rangers finally have their own reboot if you could call it so. What I was curious about was the fact that whether this film would turn out to be a watchable fare or it would be aimed at only the fan base. The trailers looked good but there have been ample instances where the trailers have led us awry so I was keeping my fingers crossed.

The film spends a lot of time setting up the characters and that interestingly proves to be a good thing. A straight and pointless jump into their super powers would not be warranted. Here we first learn about their average lives and then see how their new found powers change their lives which prove to be quite enjoyable. The director keeps the proceedings chirpy and fast which further helps the cause. However, what I was the most surprised about was the superb performances by youngsters playing the Rangers. Dacre Montgomery and R J Cyler lead from the front. They are not only apt at their roles but also make you feel for their characters. Surprise of all surprise was the fact that their angsty sequences which in most cases turns out to be terrible in teen movies were rather believable and effective. Dacre especially was superb.

Naomi Scott and Becky G as the Pink Ranger and the Yellow Ranger were perfect. They too were able to render their characters believable and accessible which made them likable. The only somewhat weak link in the performance was Ludi Lin as the Black Ranger. I found his act a tad bit over the top then what was warranted and it really got on your nerves a few times. Elizabeth Banks as the antagonist was terrific. She has been a favorite of mine since the film The Next Three days and more recently the Hunger Games Trilogy. She is a prolific actress and the way she carries her rather over the top antagonist and makes it nearly believable was a star turn. She was hateful and likable at the same time.

The biggest plus for the movie nevertheless was its action and visual effects. We have seen and heard almost anything and everything as far as visual effects are concerned and it is very difficult to wow the audiences these days. Power Rangers is able to successfully impress and entertain you with its special effects and action. The fact that it is so colorful and is shot so well only makes the case that much better for the film. The Power Ranger mythology has a lot of stuff associated with it in terms of weapons and vehicles and morphing and this film makes it a point to use as much of them as possible.

The final action sequence is the highest point of the film which involves a lot of stuff. What I liked about it was the fact that the Rangers were still learning and adapting to their new-found powers and the technology in question and the director interweaves that fact into the screenplay. In doing so he achieves a sort of believability that goes on to enhance the action sequences primarily because now we are invested in what is on display. The antagonist is extremely powerful and she nearly annihilates the Rangers which again helps to keep you excited and in turns makes the film entertaining.

Having said all that, Power Rangers is still the same old story told in a different manner. It has nothing revolutionary or great to offer. What we see here we have seen before and it would not be a big deal if you missed this film. The performances keep you interested but you cannot help but notice the multiple plot holes. It’s not easy to make a substantial film out of the material that it is based on but since they tried to make a serious film, they could have easily tried a little harder. I enjoyed the action sequences but it must be kept in mind that they action sequences will amuse you only when you watch them on the big screen. This is not the kind of film that can be enjoyed on home video.

Overall, Power Rangers can merit as an entertaining one –time- watch but that’s about it. Don’t expect anything more from it.

Rating : 2.5/5 (2.5 out of 5 Stars)


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