Why do they even make films like Munna Michael? Why do they even let Sabbir Khan direct another film after inhuman tortures like Heropanti and Ya! Ya oh sorry, Baaghi. Why do they even let Tiger Shroff appear on screen and mouth dialogs? Why do they even think that making a cardboard heroine run around with bare minimum clothes will make a film worthy of viewing? Well, I guess it’s because we live in India and everyone with some crores and a burning desire to make a fool out of themselves can make a film and release it on a Friday.

As I was watching Munna Michael, at the interval point I quipped to my friend “this seems to be better than Baaghi and Heropanti” which by the way was just as flattering and uplifting as calling KRK’s performance in Ek Villain better than that in Deshdrohi. But then the second half happened and I am lucky to have escaped alive. Before I get down and dirty on this film, I would like to write something about the only good thing about this film.

Nawazuddin Siddiqui yet again proves to be better than a film and gives a performance better than what a film deserved. He is hilarious in this film and he is the one for which the first half felt sort of bearable and was at many junctures quite funny. He is earnest, he is effective and he totally tickles your funny bones. More than that, his dance moves are killer if you understand what I mean.

Munna Michael starts with a horrendous sequence of Ronit Roy is an equally horrendous wig doing the cha cha. He is later thrown out gig owing to his old age and his dejection makes him not want his son to be a dancer. A son that he finds by the road side and brings up on Michael Jackson numbers. The question that begs being asked here is if he was so not into dance anymore then why even let the kid go after Michael Jackson.

Munna grows up to be a sleepy Tiger who earns his living by betting his extreme dance moves against not so good but rich-spoilt-brat dancers who think they are the best. One has to give credit to the director for having the capacity to even think of such a unique way of earning a living. I was dumb struck by the stupidity of this very element of the film.

Munna arrives in Delhi after his father is diagnosed with a sickness that is never mentioned and Munna needs money for his treatment. The fact is also that his earning methods in Mumbai are uncovered and he is banned from every club. What!??? Yes! Once in Delhi, he meets Mahendra Fauji (Nawaz) a caricature of a Jat rowdy who buys his expertise to teach him to dance so that he can impress that one girl he loves even though he is married. In the name of friendship, Nawaz makes Tiger woo the girl for him and bring her as a lead dancer to his hotel

One look at the girl in bare minimum clothes and Tiger is drooling. He is torn between his friendship with Mahendra and the task he had asked of him and his surging lust (sorry love) for the girl. The girl too tries to get physical but he somehow stops her. This was big ha! ha! for me. Things carry on in the same footing until the girl escapes from Delhi and comes to Mumbai for a grand dancing competition. Tiger is sent yet again by Mahendra and this time he sparks fly between the two. Lots of bullshit later the film ends on a note that you are already aware of. By the way, the father’s sickness part is forgotten somewhere in the middle.

Munna Michael is a film that has terrible acting throughout. Tiger can’t act. He may be a cute face but every time he opens his mouth I feel like showing something inside so that I don’t have to listen to his irritating voice. He tries to be uber cool but ends up being pretentious and cringe worthy. The girl is worse. She is “garibon ka Athiya Shetty” as we would like to call her sitting in a college café. She can’t act and doesn’t even try to. Has all but one expression and doesn’t even have the looks to hold on to your attention.

Strangely enough the film time and again keeps bringing up the line “Michael lives forever” for no rhyme or reason. Everytime Tiger utters those words, Michael must be rolling in his grave and murmuring “nai Bhai nai! Aise film aur performance ke naam se nai jeena mujhe”. “Chain se marne de mujhe”. The film is so muddled and crappy that you won’t be able to put a finger on the fact that weather it is a love story, a revenge flick, a dance drama or a tribute to Michael Jackson. Michael had been accused of molesting children. If he had done it so, then Munna Michael has avenged those kids.

Sabbir Khan has this tendency to put an almost comic one liner for Tiger in every film that he mouths throughout like an idiot. It was “Heropanti, sabki aati nai…meri jaati nai” in Heropanti, “Abhi to maine start kiya hai” in Baaghi and here it is “Munna Jhagadta nai hai…Munna Pit-ta hai”. Every time he says the line you feel like punching him in the face.

The final dance sequence where Tiger dances with a bullet in his leg is atrocious. He doesn’t limp for a second in the dance and while throughout I was feeling that he was doing it for his love for the girl, in the end, he says “Michael lives forever” shunning the previous belief and making it clear that it was In fact for his tribute to Michael. What a load of crap! Not to mention, Tiger sleep walks through the sequence just as he has throughout the film. It’s a fittingly rubbish finale to a country line garbage film.

Guys don’t watch Munna Michael. You will be pained by its mediocrity and will lose precious money and time both if which will be better spent watching Dunkirk twice. Miss this atrociously pretentious load of stinking crap. Calling it a film will be like calling the “SMS Joke books” as literature.

Rating : 1/5 (1 out of 5 Stars)


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